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Collecting Retro and Vintage Toys

Updated on October 2, 2015

Subbuteo Heavy Weight Team 154

Subbuteo Heavy Weight Team 154

I found this is a great Boxed Subbuteo heavy weight Team - Ref. 154. This white shirted long sleeve team can be Derby, Bolton, Tottenham Hotspur or even the England team. The box is a little tatty but this is to be expected given the age of the team. I found it at our usual Sunday morning haunt (Riverside Stadium Swansea) I paid a couple of quid for it, if I remember rightly. The set would probably bring about £8.00 to £11.00 to the right collector. This box even has the original price sticker on it "McNeil Sports 95p" (bargain.) A great set to add to our collection.

Marvel 2006 Venom Mask & Web Slinger

I found these a week or so ago at the stadium car boot sale. You'll know them straight away its a Venom mask and web slinger the arch villain of Spiderman. These are from 2006 and are made by Marvel. Thery're in really good condition and the boys and I really like them both. The mask looks and feels great but its very uncomfortable to wear. The web slinger requires a can of a foam type substance to that shoots out of the end when you depress the tongue. There are a few on eBay but these can be really difficult to find I put the value at between £15.00 to £22.00 for both of them. I got them both for £1.00 so a fairly good mark up.

Collecting Toys: First Subbuteo Of The Year And its Man Utd!!

This was a really nice find. Its a Subbuteo from when things started to go a little pear shaped for the flicka kick team and its official mechandise from the most famous football team in the world, Man Utd.

I've said in a previous post I really have real soft spot for Subbuteo so I'm really happy to be adding this to our collection. The set is complete and comes from the 1998 -1999 season. A season when some of some greatest footballers in the world were playing at Old Trafford. The team also had the most successful season in the clubs history.

I've searched on eBay for previous sales and there are a few about. I put the value of this one around £13 - £17. It could go for a little more. When I purchased it the seller wanted a £5 I started to walk away and the seller said "make me a fair offer" I said "£3.50" and it was mine. I love these sets I get all nostalgic when I open them up, Aaron roles his eyes and puts FIFA on the 360 oh well everyone to their own I suppose. Until I find something else collect hard and prosper.

Retro Video Games

I picked these up over the weekend at the local car boot sale. They cost me 50p for the both of them. While I don't think I've ever going to get rich with these, they were a nice buy and took me back a few years when I had a C64 with the ugly tape deck. You put the tape in pressed play and then stuck your fingers in your ears for about ten minutes while the game loaded or not (more usual). The games are Boulder Dash IV and Rick Dangerous (what a name!) Boulder Dash also comes with a construction kit so you can make up your own levels its takes a bit of doing and its really long winded but this was one of the first games that gave you the option to make your own courses.

Fantastic Blog On Collecting Toys

This is an Amazing Blog I tripped over today. If your into collecting any sort of toy you need to visit this blog. Some great tips and a fantastic toy gallery.

A Great Book To Get Some Fatastic Ideas To Start Off Your Toy Collection

I've purchased this book myself. It was only released in May of this year and its full of invaluable information on the subject of toy collecting.

DC Collectibles DC Super-Villains New 52 Black Manta Figure Review

This is agreat video review of the new DC super villian, Black Manta

Collecting Toys: N.E.S System

I quite literally stumbled over this NES at the boot sale this morning. The seller thought the best place to display it would on the floor. I haven’t seen a NES in nearly 20 years, (my god how old do I sound) I asked the seller “how much” and before I knew what had happened I'd handed over £1 for it.

What you see in the photo is what I got. There were no leads, games, controllers or even a transformer to power it. I'm really pleased about coming across this. I'm more than happy to hang on this and just pick bits and bob’s up as I go round boot sales and off eBay.

I got a fully functioning N64 exactly the same way. So this is the next project for me. If it doesn’t work I'll just sell the bits off piece by piece. I've had a look on eBay and even as spares or repairs; the console on its own should bring between £7 to £11. However we’ve decided to hang on to, as it will make a great addition to our collection.

Collecting Toys: Nerf Gun Jolt

I have to admit, I'm a bit of a Nerf gun freak and I’m constantly selling these on eBay. I’ve made a fairly good profit from this activity if I’m honest. Nerf Guns also seam really popular with virtually every kid and new they can be quite expensive. I picked one of these Nerf Jolts up last year. They're really not popular on ebay so I immediatley gave it Aaron to play with. When I saw how powerful this little toy was I was really impressed, it’s easily as powerful as the other pistols that Nerf produce.

I came across this one a few weeks ago at a local car boot sale and gave 50p for it. It’s brand new so we decided to add it to the collection. Its never going to be worth a fortune at the moment I think I could get £2-£3 but its a nice piece to look back on in a few years.

Our toy collection is quickly expanding and although I said, “my wife has the patience of all the saints put together” I’m starting to see some chinks in the armour. So with this in mind, all toys that are complete and in good condition, I've wrapped them and placed them all in a strong, dry cardboard box, sealed it and pushed it into the attic. I've written on the side what’s in the box and the date it was sealed. We’ll get it down in a few years and go all nostalgic. Happy days!

Collecting Toys Free Subbuteo Packs

This one is a bit of an unusual find. It’s another one from one of my local charity shops. I paid 50p for it. These were given away with chocolate bars, you know the sort of thing collect 20 bar wrappers pay £5 in post and packing charges and we'll send you something really junk. Well actually what MB games sent you was something that was OK. These “freebies” were meant to give kids a taste of Subbuteo and once they were hooked they would buy the complete set. These sets came out around the same time as the dream team stadium. There were a couple of different types to collect. One was this one which is the penalty shoot out and then there was a free kick edition. You got half a pitch, a goal, ball and a couple of players. The plan to get kids hooked can't have worked that well, because as I said in an earlier post, “production of the dream team stadium was soon stopped.” Anyway this pack is brand new and all still sealed. Its probably worth about £4-£6 there is a few on eBay but very few of them are still sealed.

Collecting Retro Toys. 1978 Action GT Electronic Intercept

I found this at a local car boot sale and paid a £1.00 for it. I've tried finding some information about the game and the manufacturer. But have struggled to find anything about it.

The game was originally by Lakeside however this one has some over stickers for Action G.T. Who I presume bought Lakeside or at least the game while it was being manufactured.

Anyhoo The game is from the late seventies to early 80's and came with small aircraft, S.A.M’s and their launchers. I'm amazed that there are any playing pieces at all, they are absolutely tiny. It’s electronic and uses a PP9 type battery, which is one of the square nine volt with both terminals at one end. Everything is complete and its in really good shape considering its age, amazingly it also works really well.

I’ve checked on eBay these are selling on eBay for about £8 to £11 for this one from 1978. Some of the later early 80's are a fair bit lower in price. Aaron has already got into it and was quite intrigued by it. A good find to add to our collection.

Collecting Toys: Subbuteo AGAIN!!

Unbelievable! Subbuteo its turns out are like buses you wait ages and then three turn up at once. This team is 445 West Germany. They’re from the 63000 series or more commonly known in the collector circle as "light weights”. These were in production from 1980 until the 90's and took over from the hugely unpopular “zombies”.

The team players look like they've ever been out of the box let alone flicked a kick. The box has a couple of knocks and bangs but its OK. I paid £3.00, which is about right for the team and condition. It could go to £5.00 plus a bit of postage on eBay.

I do have a bit of a soft spot for Subbuteo so after pleading my case to the two boys, putting it to a vote and getting the needed two thirds majority (Aaron voted aginst me, the turn coat) they’re included in our quickly expanding collection.

Collecting Toys: Scabble Deluxe

Another game I found along with Risk in our attic was this Scrabble deluxe. Everyhing is complete. Again the box is a little tatty but its OK. I value it at about £10 to £14.

Scrabble has been around in one form or another since 1938 when Alfred Mosher Butts (great Name) invented Lexiko. Alfred made a few games of Lexiko himself but it never really took off. He also tried unsuccessfully to sell the game to any of the major toy manufacturers of the time. Then James Brunot, who was an owner of one of the games of Lexiko that Alfred had made, purchased the rights to manufacture the game. He did however agree to pay a Royalty from every game sold to Alfred Mosher Butts.

Mr Brunot changed very little of the game. He a made a few layout changes but the main change was to the name of the game which he changed to “Scrabble”. Which is a real word and means to "scratch frantically" The game has changed hands a few times in its life but its basically stayed the same since its inception all those years ago.

Collecting Toys: Risk 1985

Another game that's had more relaunches and facelifts than Madonna is Risk. The game was a fantastic concept and over the years its been transformed into so many different guises.

You can get Risk board games for: Star Wars, L.O.R; there's even a Transformers risk. Obviously its also been put online. Some of the later Warhammer, Dawn Of War games also reminded me very much of this game.

The concept is very basic you get a mission card at the start of the game. It maybe to wipe out all pinks on the board or own specific number of territory's. But in its most basic form, its kill every opponent who's on the board, take over their territory, own the world, then pack the game away.

With this game the more the merrier was the catch phrase. Up to six players can play and if you could get six players it was an awesome game. Alliances were usually formed between a few players against one kid. Then it was beat up the geek time. It was relentless he would fend off one attack only to be attacked the next go some where else on the board. He couldn't win them all (its all character building stuff)

I've had this one for a number of years and found it in the attic today. It's complete including the original instructions. The lids a little tatty in the corners but otherwise its in fairly good condition. Value should be some where around £8 to £12 it could go for a little more. A great find and it brought some real good memory's back. I have the urge to take over the world every now and then so a family night with Risk might be just the thing.

Collecting Toys: MB Games Subbuteo Dream Team released 2005

I really wanted to do a post on Subbuteo but haven't been able to acquire one until now. Aaron spotted this one at the car boot sale this morning. After bit of haggling it was ours for £3.00. It's in excellent condition. The set is complete and everything is still sealed in the little plastic bags inside the box. Looking at the condition the value of ours should be around £12-£17

In the early 2000's the only people keeping Subbuteo a float was the adult's playing the game and the collectors. Everyone else had jumped ship and was playing their football on gaming consoles. It didn't to matter to Hasbro which console they went for. All that mattered to Hasbro was there were no kids playing Subbuteo any more.

The problems with Subbuteo were numerous from a kid's perspective. First you had to set the game up. It can take as long to set up a game as it is to play one. Then you have to pick a team. Subbuteo Dream Team uses photo real players. This caused more fights and arguments about who is going to be on which team than the average episode of Big Brother. Playing Subbuteo also meant you had to move your body around the table rather than moving you're thumbs around a control pad.

The Dream Team stadium was meant to relaunch Subbuteo, which was one of Hasbro/M.B's flagship games. However it appeared that Hasbro at least didn't have a lot of faith and the relaunch was very low key affair. The Dream Team Stadium was released in early 2005. This was because Hasbro were not at all worried that every other company's Christmas 2004 release would bury it.

This was the first Subbuteo box set to use photo real players on a card. You got 24 players dressed in their club strip. The idea was you got 24 bases, 12 blue and 12 red. You could inter change the players in the bases so you can build your dream team. It never really took off and production was soon stopped.

Subbuteo has since being relaunched by Hasbro in 2012 with three-dimensional rubber figures. Only time will tell if this one will be a success.

Collecting Vintage Toys: Original Microsoft Xbox Memory Card

I happened on this at one of our usual haunts this morning. I knew what it was straight away. Its still brand new sealed in the blister pack. There is a little water damage to the packaging. You can just to say see it on the photo its just under the word Microsoft. I was going to put this on Amazon, it would probably bring about £12 to £16. Aaron was quite interested as it was made the same year he was born. So with that in mind we decided add it to our collection. I know its not a toy but I did say we would be adding anything that interested us.

We're also going to start picking up a few of the old consoles as well. Some of the early ones are starting to get a little difficult to come by.

Very Collectible Assassin's Creed III Figure Connor

This is an amazing figure of the famous Assassin's creed Video game. You can see all the pictures here and read a full very in depth Review.

Renovating A Matchbox Diecast Car

This is a great slide show. There's usually ton of matchbox cars about at car boot sales and charity shops. You can pick them up for peanuts. This is great way to bring them back to their former glory.

The slide show is in a very easy to follow step by step process. The author also goes into detail about the tools and hardware required.

Another Collectible Toy Story Figure

Woody is always a very popular and collectible toy I bought this one at a car boot sale. I only paid a couple of quid for him he's a little banged up.

16 inch Woody figures have a speech module in their back under the shirt. Pull the cord like in the movie and away he goes. He says a few different phrases. This one however has had the string snapped. I had a go at fixing it but its a real fiddly job to do. So I've donated this one to my son Francis, who has taken a real shine to him and carry's him everywhere. I had to bribe him just to take this photo.

I stripped him down O.K and some of the things I noticed as I did were:- The speech module is really tight in woody's shirt and its a really difficult job to get it back in place. Woody's head is held on with a cable or zip tie this is concealed in his shirt collar undo this it and its "off with his head." My advice get a new cable tie. Again its a real tough job threading the tie back round woody's collar. Woody comes with his hat but always has a gun missing from the holster, even in the movie "no Gun." There is always plenty of Woody figures for sale on eBay or Amazon along with a host of other Toy Story figures, toys, jigsaws and god knows what else. Condition is everything, unless its really cheap like this one buy the best condition one you can, because the repairs are a nightmare.

Thomas The Tank Engine Collectible Toys

These are a great set of three very collectible toys, I'm certain these are going be really hard to get hold of.

I picked these three up at a tabletop sale at a local sports centre. They're in excellent condition; with only a few very light played with marks.

The set are three characters from Thomas The Tank Engine. The yellow engine is Murdock, Spencer is the grey engine and Sir Topham Hat and his car. They're from Golden Bear Toys and are from 2006. All three are from the larger interactive series that Golden Bear produced along with the smaller push along set. All three toys talk when activated and as the two engines are pushed forward they're eyes move left and right which I think is a really nice touch.

The voices on the toys are nice and clear as are the engine sounds all three makes. Murdoch is the most collectible out of the three and is worth about £12.00 Spencer and Sir Topham hat are worth about £3.00 to £5.00 each I managed to get all three for £3.00

Toy Collecting & Cartoons

When your out hunting for toys you will always come across a member from the Toy Story movies. There are people now just collecting Toy Story figures, why not there's plenty of them to choose from. These two Buzz light-year's will make a great addition to our toy collection. I've sold a few buzz light-years on eBay and always managed to get £10.00 for them. There are so many variants of buzz and he's reinvented himself more times than Madonna. These two are missile firing buzz light-years the one of the right as you look at the picture fires six missiles I do have the missiles I just don't have them in the picture. To fire the missiles you just rotate the missile holder and it fires one at a time and it makes a great sound when it does. The one on the left has a gun and fires the missiles from this. Buzz can either hold the gun as in the picture or its large enough for a child to hold. His backpack also doubles as a missile holder (no wings on this variant.) I have one missile but I'm missing the other two. However I'm sure I can pick a couple up on my trawls round.

1973 Junior Scrabble

Games like Scrabble, Monopoly & Cluedo, have had more releases than the Fast & The Furious (what number is it now?) But why did this happen? I think the answer is very simple. All the games I've mentioned hit on a winning formula that still proves popular today. All the games also have an educational value, weather the kids want to admit it or not. When I was a lad (god now I've turned into my dad) I played the all of these and had them all at sometime or another. But Then like most kids all the bits ended up in other box's or lost, another trip to the land fill.

This Junior Scrabble is from 1973 it and its complete. The game boards are double sided so different age groups can play. The box is again a little banged up, but its great fun and something that we can have a bit of family time with. Didn't cost a great deal but a nice little find, worth about £3 to £5.

MB Games Foxy

I found this game quite by chance on a trawl through one of the many charity shops that seem to be springing up all over the place at the moment. Its a little known game that came out in the mid 70's. Because it was little know there's not that many of them about. The game also had a lot of counters and easily breakable stuff. Fun game though I managed to pry my son Aaron away from his 360 and we both got quite engrossed in the game easy to pick up the rules and quite additive. The box is in an O.K shape, bit of damage but its not horrific. On eBay it would probably bring £5 to £8

Golden Bear, My First Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends

We decided to start this toy collection off just a few weeks ago. We're doing it so I can spend some times with my two sons and all enjoy something we can do together. I was thinking yesterday "what's going to be in the collectable toys of tomorrow?" My four year old has a lot of these Thomas The Tank Engine and friends by Golden Bear. They're really big and chunky with rounded corners, great colour's and really hard to break. At the moment they're easy enough to pick up off eBay, eBid, charity shops, car boot sales, garage sales and the like and they're relatively cheap.

Some of the collection in this photo are already from 1995 so are already starting to get on in years. Apart from a few scratches still look quite good. The easy ones to come across are as usual Thomas, Percy and the characters you see all the time on T.V. But some of the not so well known engines are now starting to bring a fairly good price. We're not going to bust a gut and go out of our way to pick these up but as I come across them I'll be adding them to our collection.

Disney's Dinosaur's Earl Sinclair & B.P Richfield

I picked these two action (more like inaction) figures up today. They're from an early 90's Disney T.V show called Dinosaurs. These two are Earl Sinclair (in the lumberjack shirt) and B.P Richfield (Earl's Boss)

The show followed a pretty standard comedy sitcom plot except they were all dinosaur's. Earls Job was to push tree's over in the local forest. For The WESAYSO Corporation. You can get all of the main characters as action figures. The other characters were:- Fran Sinclair (The Mum,) Robbie Sinclair (Earls Son,) Charlene Sinclair (Daughter,) Baby Sinclair. Earl when new came with a hard hat and a a lunch box. B.P Richfield came with a load haler and a clipboard. All the accessories are usually missing and obviously and make the toys a lot more valuable if you have them.

1975 Connect 4 MB Games

I picked this up today cost me twenty pence, the box is in an horrific state but at that price I couldn't stop my self. This is the 1975 game (same year as our Stay Alive) and again like stay alive has been released over and over again. This was a great game when it was released and anybody could learn to play it in just a few minutes. This made Connect 4 really popular and has stayed that way ever since

Also like Stay Alive Connect 4 was produced by M.B games. Milton Bradley was a board games designer from Springfield who also designed what, were thought to be the first travel games in the U.S for bored soldiers during the American Civil War. He created Checkers, Chess, Backgammon, Dominoes & Milton Bradley's own creation "The Checkered Game of Life." MB were eventually bought by Hasbro in the early 90's which ended 124 years of family ownership.

Nerf Nite Finder EX-3

Another Nerf gun again brand new, still sealed. This one cost me £1.50 from the same car boot sale I got the Maverick from.

The best feature about the Nite Finder is when you take up the first pressure on the trigger it puts a red dot on your target. We got my son one of these and you can be sat quietly, then a red dot will appear on your chest quickly followed by a Nerf Dart. It is a really cool gun again like the Maverick loads of the the yellow coloured pistol about. The Nite Finder is also available in the sonic series and worth a lot more if you can find one in good condition.

Nerf Maverick Six Shooter

Nerf guns have always been and always will be really popular. Some of the big juicy Nerf stuff like Hail Fire, Long Strike & Havok Fire sell for some really good prices on eBay. The pistols don't sell that well but I just couldn't resist this one I found at a car boot sale. Its brand new and has never been opened and I paid £2.50 for it. Nerf also have a Sonic series in the Maverick which is a semi-transparent green colour and are a bit harder to come by than the yellow one and usually sell fairly well. The standard yellow Maverick is one of the most popular guns that Nerf produce and can be picked up really easy just about anywhere, Amazon have them for about £8.00 new plus postage

View Master 3D At Your Finger Tips

Three dimensional images have been around years but View-master made these images available to the masses in their own home. They also did it quite well for the time and more important than that they did it cheaply.

I had one of these. It was red with a white presser, rotator, lever thingy. The early cardboard discs were mainly made up of tourist attractions. I did have one set of people potholing, caving and scuba diving. I was really fascinated by View-master and thought it was a great toy. My mum and dad would bring home reels for me, I never really looked after them.

I bought this Hot Wheels View-master from a local car boot sale it cost me £2.00 complete with box which is in a pretty bad way to be honest. The original plastic insert is with it and there are three card discs of Hot Wheels cars which are always a favorite. I showed this to my son Aaron. Now we, like millions of other people have a 3D T.V but I simply couldn't get this off him. He went through the reels over and over again, he loved it, and it was a real blast from the past for me.

Stay Alive 1975

I picked this up today cost me £1.50 from a charity shop, The condition's O.K, well sort of. Its complete but the box has got torn in the corners and someone's repaired it. As usual they've used clear tape. But then again it is cardboard and its 38 year old so I guess it could be excused. As you can see the lid is clean and the colours in the picture are still bright. I remember Stay Alive, the board did get a real battering. I never actually had one, but I remember you could only pull the levers when the rest were lined up correctly. There would always be one player that would just keep pulling that same lever. In the end the levers snapped off, usually after ton of abuse (another one for the landfill.) Not worth a great deal but a nice find none the less. This one is from 1975. Stay Alive was quite a popular game and they have been released a few times after this one. Each time the game was released the lid got a different picture and the board got a bit of a face lift.

© 2013 Ade

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