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A Few Transformer Gifts for Your Kids

Updated on March 14, 2015

Do you want to save money? Then shop around!

We did and found this present for out son on Amazon. It beat the prices around us by $20 - $30. And that was shopping around and calling the stores. Its amazing how their websites say they have the product available and yet its not in stock at the moment. I had that several times. While I was trying to find this locally so that I knew we would have it by Christmas the wife asked if I had tried Amazon yet. The blank stare that she got from me gave the obvious answer that I hadn't. So I clicked on my book marks and pulled it up. Yes I had forgotten that I had it saved until she asked. There it was the same toy that we were looking for. The price was lower and shipping said that they could have it here before Christmas.

So I let my wife log into her account and do the ordering. Why after all the work I had done. Easy she is an Amazon Prime customer. With all the books she gets it has paid for itself this year in shipping costs alone. Needless to say the Transformer arrived on time. I waited to wrap it until the night before Christmas. That way the son would be surprised how we suddenly had many presents under the tree. Not just two over weight cats sprawled out sleeping.

Now for the kicker. Our son was so excited that after all of his other presents were opened he pulled this one out and played with it until the grandparents arrived. They had a large wrapped package about the same size as the one my son was playing with. Yes world it was the same one. Dad did not beat the amazon price but he did manage to out do the stores around me. They understood that paths had crossed and gave us the receipt to return it and get him something else. That's good because there were some Lego's he was looking at.

And finally. When our son went to bed he took his new Transformer Beast Hunter Optimus Prime with him. That way it would be close at had first thing in the morning. And this it was. I heard him playing with his new Transformer even before he got out of bead and came downstairs.

Some more toys from the Transformers to my son this Christmas.

These aren't Lego's but they are great to build with.

Transformers Construct-Bots Triple Changers Bumblebee Buildable Action Figure
Transformers Construct-Bots Triple Changers Bumblebee Buildable Action Figure

Lego's has a set estimated time for assembly. Obviously they have not met my boys. When my son opened the box and started putting things together they were done in a matter of minutes. Transforming Bumblebee has been done many times in just a couple of days.


And now for a preview of the main toy and a little something to smile about.

The most common Optimus Prime saying that I remember hearing many times.

Transformers Construct-Bots Triple Changers Bumblebee Buildable Action Figure


My son wants to know who is your favorite Autobot?

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    • PaigSr profile image

      PaigSr 3 years ago from State of Confussion

      @paulahite: Thanks all fixed.

    • paulahite profile image

      Paula Hite 3 years ago from Virginia

      FYI - you have a missing video.