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Transformers Decepticon Soundwave

Updated on December 30, 2010

Soundwave - One of the Main Decepticons in the Transformers Universe

Soundwave was one of the original Transformers Decepticons, and hugely popular toy. In the Generation 1 version of Soundwave, he transformed from tiny autorecorder to full size robot, complete with shoulder cannon. Whenever he deemed necessary, he could call on his robot minions: Laserbeak, Frenzy, Rumble, Ravage, Ratbat, and a whole bunch of other Decepticons. Here on this page, you'll find a number of Soundwave toys, action figures, facts, photos, videos and more, all about Soundwave!

Classic Generation 1 Soundwave Transformers Toy - Relive your childhood or give this all time classic to your kid!

Remember when toys were this cool? You can't really beat Soundwave. A toy that transforms from bazooka shouldered robot to boombox with individually transforming cassette tapes... which turn into the likes of Rumble, Ravage, Ratbat, and Laserbeak.

TRANSFORMER Soundwave - G1
TRANSFORMER Soundwave - G1

This six inch Soundwave Transformers toy (later called Soundblaster for legal reasons) is a PVC figure in the alternate mode as a microcassette recorder. Intensely loyal to Megatron, this remake of the classic original Soundwave will impress any Transformers fan!


The Best of Soundwave - Clips from the Transformers Cartoon - Soundwave clips from Transformers - watch and learn!

Why all the fuss about Soundwave? Because, he's the coolest Decepticon around. And he ejects tapes from his chest. And we ALL wish we could do that.

Soundwave was instantly recognizable for his computerized, deep monotone voice, and his unique look. One of his specialties was jamming satellite frequencies, and even appears in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, voiced by the voicemaster Frank Welker.

More Classic Soundwave Toys and Stuff Available - Yes, there's even more Soundwave toys for you to collect!

Think that you have every Soundwave toy imaginable? Nope, there's plenty more to choose from, like the Transformers 2 movie Soundwave toy, kids t-shirts, and other cool stuff. Put him on your windowsill, mount him on your dashboard, give him to your kids, whatever the case may be, it all boils down to this: is your home really complete without your own Soundwave toy? We didn't think so.

Transformers Movie 2  Deluxe Soundwave Figure
Transformers Movie 2 Deluxe Soundwave Figure

An updated version of Soundwave from the Transformers 2 movie, Revenge of the Fallen, he has a new updated look.

Transformer Generation 1 Re-issue Exclusive Soundwave Decepticon .
Transformer Generation 1 Re-issue Exclusive Soundwave Decepticon .

Another cool reissue of the G1 classic Soundwave toy.

Transformers Soundwave with 4 Tapes Included Figure Set SDCC Exclusive
Transformers Soundwave with 4 Tapes Included Figure Set SDCC Exclusive

Yes, 4 tapes included! Which ones you ask? Well, you'll have to click through to see them...

Transformers Takara Music Label MP3 Player Soundblaster [Black]
Transformers Takara Music Label MP3 Player Soundblaster [Black]

An actualy MP3 player, this Soundwave can play some music and just stand there and look mega cool.


Rate Soundwave on this Poll! - What do you think of everyone's favorite (or least favorite) Decepticon?

How do you rate Soundwave as your favorite Transformer?

See results

25th Anniversary Comic Con Soundwave Toy - An upgraded version of the classic Generation 1 Soundwave toy

Transformers Universe 2009 SDCC San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive 25th Anniversary Figure Soundwave
Transformers Universe 2009 SDCC San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive 25th Anniversary Figure Soundwave

* Comic Con 2009 Exclusive from Hasbro

* This 25th Anniversary Special Limited Edition

* This Soundwave is a re-release of the original 1984 edition

* Comes with four of the Soundwave character's cassettes, including: Buzzsaw, Laserbeak, Ratbat and Ravage

* Four Figures fully convert between robot and cassette mode

One of the most recognizable characters from the TRANSFORMERS brand lore, SOUNDWAVE is making a retro-comeback for San Diego Comic-Con in honor of the brand's 25th Anniversary.


Soundwave vs. Blaster - Who Wins? - Arch enemies on the cartoon - but who would win ultimately?

In my opinion, Soundwave beats Blaster no contest. Better cassette tape Transformers, a cooler voice, and more menacing look. But what do you think?

Who wins - Blaster or Soundwave?



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    • anonymous 5 years ago

      Soundwave hes the best!

    • christinsword 5 years ago

      I want Blaster to take the prize...but Soundwave is a beast lol. Soundwave wins.

    • anonymous 7 years ago

      In the cartoon they both die, and he(soundwave) is reborn as Soundblaster!


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      No comments yet.

      The Transformers Theme Song - Transformers... more than meets the eye! The first version of this cartoon intro on video

      You won't be able to get this song out of your head once you listen, no matter what.

      Soundwave in Revenge of the Fallen - Take a look at what they've done with Soundwave in Transformers 2...

      With a new voice and look, Soundwave has been remastered into a whole new Transformer. Have a look:

      Ebay - the Place to Find Great Deals on Soundwave Toys - Where you can snag a rock bottom deal on everyone's favorite Decepticon

      When it comes to sought after toys, Soundwave tops the charts. Get it, because he's a boombox? Anyway, Ebay's a great place to find new and used Soundwave toys, along with many other Transformers Generation 1 classics.

      Blaster, Soundwave's Autobot Nemesis on Ebay - Where you can find the Generation 1 version of Blaster

      Blaster was always getting into it with Soundwave, and usually Blaster won.

      Characters That Soundwave Housed - Some of the Decepticon cassettes

      Soundwave was best known for his tapes that he ejected from his chest. namely Ravage, Rumble, Frenzy, Lasebreak, Ratbat, and others.


      6 INCHES TALL. GREAT FOR COLLECTORS. HARD ITEM TO FIND.TRANSFORMERS: RUMBLE BUST A Diamond Select Release! The latest Transformers bust features Soundwave's number one lieutenant - Rumble! Smaller than most of his Decepticon brothers, Rumble overcomes his shortcomings by being the loudest and most daring warrior he can be - often landing the micro-cassette in hot water! Standing 6" H, this Transformers bust also features Rumble's frequent co-hort Ratbat as he blasts into action. Limited to 1,000 pieces, each bust features a hand-numbered base with matching box and Certificate of Authenticity.

      Transformers  Deluxe Ravage
      Transformers Deluxe Ravage

      * Recreate exciting movie scenes or stage your own living room battles with this DECEPTICON defender

      * Convert this fierce-looking figure from panther mode with snapping ¿jaw¿ to reentry mode

      * Gear up for hours of battle excitement

      * Detailed figure converts from panther mode with snapping ¿jaw

      * For hours of battle excitement


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        • ImmatureEntrepr profile image

          ImmatureEntrepr 6 years ago

          Soundwave is one of the coolest Transformers! Loved his voice in the original 80s G1 cartoon!

        • Christene-S profile image

          Christene-S 6 years ago

          Blessed by a SquidAngel :)

        • missbat profile image

          missbat 7 years ago

          Awesome lens about Soundwave!