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Transformers Movie Characters

Updated on February 3, 2015

Transformer Action Figures

While you may not remember the names of the characters or what happened, you can be sure you remember the response of your children or grandchildren as they yelled and hollered during the Transformer movies, and during that time they developed their like for their favorite characters.

They don't forget Transformer movie characters like Optimus Prime, Megatron, Cybertron, Starscream, Bumblebee, Unicron, Construction Devastator, Barricade, Jetfire and Sideswipe, among many others.

Okay. We have trouble bringing them back to memory, and so I'll go through several of the more important ones below to be sure you understand all these Transformers and how important they were to stopping the destruction of civilization as we know it from the Decepticons.

At least that's how the children view it, and so their favorite Transformer characters are those that captured the their imaginations in their interaction with humans and in the heat of the battle. 

Optimus Prime: Transformer Leader

Optimus Prime is the leader of the good Transformers or Autobots, and that's for the most part all we need to know when thinking if our children really enjoy him as an action figure they can play with to destroy the bad guys.

In his other form he can be shaped as a tough truck.

While Optimus Prime has hoped for peace, he's once more forced to fight the Decepticons enemies to end the threat to mankind and Transformers once and for all.

How about those cool energy swords that snap out when they're needed when he's in combat mode? Kids love it (and some adults too)!


Megatron Leader of the Decepticons

For those not in the know about the latest Transformers movie, the arch enemy of mankind and the Autobots is Megatron, who returns more powerful than ever, as he is put back together from parts taken from other Decepticons and sets out to conquer earth and the rest of the universe.

What's a great hero like Optimus Prime if he doesn't have a powerful enemy to overcome like Megatron?  



Bumblebee's great friendship with Sam probably endear him to people and kids more than any of the characters from Transformers' movies. And so to include Sam there standing on Bumblebee's shoulder is too cool. Children identify and love it, as well as adults who enjoyed the movie characters.

Bumblebee with Sam

Construction Devastator

This monstrous character was unforgettable in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and can be taken apart or disassembled into six smaller Transformer vehicles. Kids love it. Even the smaller vehicles are completely functional on their own, making them even more compelling for the kids to play with. Great enemies to fight against our heroes. 


Sideswipe is one of the more fun Autobot heroes, and is known for almost instantaneous ability to change from a vehicle to a robot. His swords on his arms are what makes him really what he is, and the kids love the fascinating character. 

Deluxe Interrogator Barricade

Interrogator Barricade is a character people love to hate, and he was one of the more ruthless enemies of mankind in the movie; hunting them down and using the types of interrogation methods that gives him what he wants and disposes of the subject. Great addition to have another powerful enemy for the Autobots to fight. 

Autobot Sideswipe


Cool Transformer Action Figures

These action figures from the Transformer movies are great. You can see why they're so captivating to children, and also a legitimate collectible for those who love their action figures based on movie characters.

Add the challenge of converting the Transformers from cars to robots, and you have toys that will give hours of playing fun to children.


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    • etaCarinae profile image

      Sara Johnson 3 years ago from United States

      Another lost Transformers hub from the now defunct squidoo website. The images could use some revamping, but it's a good read nonetheless. Voted up!

    • profile image

      alex 6 years ago