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Treasure Commander TC2X Metal Detector

Updated on April 13, 2014

The New Si Robertson TC2X Metal Detector

The Treasure Commander TC2X Metal Detector is one of the newest Si Robertson Signature Model Treasure Commander Metal Detectors designed and used by Si Robertson and an engineering team. I'm excited to go hunting with the new TC2X with it's lightweight of only 3.1 pounds and 10 inch submersible search coil.Read on for more features and my experiences with this new metal detector which I've taken to several beaches, my backyard and parks already. This unit requires 6 x AA alkaline batteries (not included) and emits 4 different audio tones for the metal types discovered. And the volume is adjustable and there is a headphone jack. Here is link to even more detailed specifications and backstory: Kellyco Metal

Treasure commander search coil
Treasure commander search coil

Duck Commander Metal Detector 10" Search coil

I like how the Treasure commander TC2X search coil wire goes inside the adjustable shaft up to the control box, that way it doesn't get snagged on tree branches or shrubberies and is easier to clean. All the other models of metal detector that I've looked at have the wire wrapping around the shaft all the way up to the control box.

Larger search coils will be able to sense deeper into the ground that long lost treasure that you've been looking for.

These metal detectors are all I wanted them to be, easy to tune. easy to use and they come equipped with a newly designed 10 inch deep searching search coil that lets you find treasures while eliminating trash and junk.

— Si Robertson

Using the TC2X Display and Touchpad - using the TC2X Display and touchpad

Treasure Commander TC2X display
Treasure Commander TC2X display

The LCD display on the Treasure Commander is big and easy to read the battery level, 8 metal categories, tone volume, sensitivity, GPS Location, signal strength and depth indicator. The metal category is not shown while using pinpoint mode but it's easy to remember to check before using pinpointing.

The touchpad has 7 keys positioned and arranged to allow one hand operation for pinpointing and "ground grab" modes and changing the sensitivity or volume.

The Treasure Commander turns on instantly by pushing the power button and to power off requires holding it down for about 5 seconds.

The TC2X has 5 modes of operation

  • GROUND GRAB which is used at the start of a new hunting location to calibrate the device to the ground mineralization for best performance.
  • DISCRIMINATION is used to select what targets will be accepted or rejected
  • NOTCH DISCRIMINATION allows one of 3 predefined programs to be selected, all metals, coins and jewelry. Also there is a custom mode that can be set up by the user.
  • PINPOINTING helps to narrow down a targets location.
  • GPS allows saving the coordinates of several sites that you may like to return to later.

Metal detecting on a beach - Is the TC2X easy for a first time metal detectorist to use?


My nephew was interesting in trying metal detecting when I showed him the new Treasure commander so we went to the nearby beach and I showed him how to select mode, ground grab and use pinpointing. He wanted to start with all metals and we quickly found rusty wire, bottle caps and bits of aluminum and other small scraps of iron. This beach has a lot of commercial fishing in the waters and many summer picnickers, dog walkers and agate hunters so I suggested switching to coin mode as I thought we might find some lost coins or jewelry but no such luck today.

Si Robertson's Metal Detector The TC2X with GPS - Who likes to go Treasure Hunting?

Treasure hunting just got a whole lot easier with the new Si Robertson's Treasure Commander Metal Detector The TC2X with GPS .

Looking for a fun hobby to share?

Treasure hunting with a metal detector is fun to share with family and friends. Take turns with the device and take turns digging and finding the targets. Be sure and leave the location a little nicer than when you started digging. Nobody finds it fun to trip in a hole someone leaves behind after digging up their find.


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