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Buy Vintage Alphabet Cards Online

Updated on March 4, 2013

Vintage Alphabet Cards from Teachers to Scrapbookers and Collectors

Scrapbookers and teachers seem to have a lot in common. As a seller on eBay, I found that a lot of the older teaching materials I would come across would get scooped up gladly by folks who enjoyed scrapbooking. Vintage alphabet cards are one of the items that get bid on pretty consistently.

I may be a bit odd, but when I go out looking for collectible items, I really enjoy "feeling" the history of the things I find. When I find old classroom materials, I can imagine what it was like to teach (or be a student) in a totally different time. I'm also often struck by how some things don't change very much. No matter how high tech things get, there is still a place for alphabet cards showing both printed and cursive examples for students in elementary classrooms.

Any time you can help someone to connect to their childhood memories, you're going to stir up some feelings of nostalgia. Just looking at some of these vintage cards sets off a flood of emotions. I guess that's why scrapbookers like them so much. Can you smell the old paste when you think of sitting in that well worn wooden desk?

I suppose that there are also plenty of people who just like to collect old school related memorabilia. It is certainly something that most people can connect with, and there a a LOT stranger things that people collect!

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Vintage Alphabet Cards for Sale - Where do people find these cards?

You can sometimes find these if you happen upon a garage sale being held by a former teacher, or an estate sale of a former teacher. The problem with that though, is that finding what you are looking for can be a very hit or miss situation. As with a lot of collectible items, the original owners often don't even realize that they have something that you want! If you happen to find yourself at a garage sale being run by a former teacher (look for lots of teacher coffee mugs), be sure to ask them if they have any old school supplies like alphabet cards or flashcards. You might be surprised at what they'll dig up for you.

Are you a collector?

old classroom
old classroom

Why do you like vintage alphabet cards?

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Vintage School Flashcards

Another popular item for some collectors is flashcards. You know, those old drilling and memorization friends! The funny thing is, they still work after all these years! Some of these have some really great images on them. The old Dick and Jane ones bring back a lot of memories for me, but I can't remember exactly what grade I was in when we used them!

More Vintage Classroom Collectibles - Do you remember elementary school?

Whether you are a scrapbooker or not, it's very likely that you have some old treasured memories of your time in school. This old classroom stuff is a great way to add unusual accents around your home or classroom (if you're a teacher). Teachers will also find that some of the smaller items are great conversation starters for students.

How Classrooms Have Changed! - Check out this advanced technology

I just love looking at old school related footage. Things really have changed a lot. I can remember students clamoring to be the one who got to turn the film strip projector knob when the "beep" sounded. It helped you to stay awake.

Learning Cursive - Are you teaching someone how to write in cursive?

Some kids (and adults) really struggle when it comes to learning how to write in cursive. Some people maintain that it isn't necessary today with all of our technology. Sorry, but I disagree. Knowing how to communicate and express yourself in as many ways as possible doesn't really have a downside.

Search for Alphabet Cards - What are you looking for today?

You might not need vintage cards for the projects your working on right now. If that's the case, you can find modern flashcards and alphabet cards at very reasonable prices right here. Don't see what you want? Just use the search box!

I have so many memories of going to school. Some of them are pleasant, and some are downright miserable, but they are all part of what made me what I am today. When you're a child, those school years seem to last forever. Looking back, it all seems like it went by so quickly. What are your favorite school memories?

Do these vintage alphabet cards bring back any memories for you? - Please share your comments!

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