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vonDoomCraft Hi Res HD 256 x Minecraft Mob Textures

Updated on May 14, 2011

Break out your favorite texture pack, it's time to update it with some scary mobs that will make you want to actually play on a setting other than peaceful, if only to appreciate the high art that went into the skeleton assailing you from a ledge you failed to notice when you were designing your mob proof hideaway.

For more Minecraft texture pack reviews, visit:
For more Minecraft texture pack reviews, visit: | Source

With new skins for skeletons, creepers, slimes and zombies, vonDoomCraft is the best set of mob textures, bar none. Zombies were clearly once civilized men who wore neat ties and occasionally unbuttoned their suit jackets in order to give onlooking ladies the impression that they weren't just business, they could be business casual too. Being reborn undead has taken a toll on their appearance however, their hundred dollar jeans have been shredded to mid-calf level and they've only got one functioning eye left. That doesn't impede their relentless pursuit of you however.

Creepers still make very little sense, but its clear to even the casual terrified observer that something went horribly, horribly wrong in their lives at some point. Their sad faces are sadder than a box full of puppies at bath time. Their eternal dissatisfaction could have something to do with the fact that they've clearly been sewn together, Frankenstein style at some point in the proceedings.

Skeletons are bare to the bone, but that doesn't stop them being full of rage. The joy of firing the bows they awkwardly wield so dangerously at a distance don't make up for the torment that is their existence. Their gritted, ghastly maws are enough to send even the most brave souls fleeing into more pleasant pastures.

This isn't a full texture pack, it's a replacement set of high resolution textures for hostile mobs. That means you don't just toss this pack into the texture pack folder and have done – well, you could, but then you'd just have the default 16 x 16 textures for the entire game apart from the mobs, which are awesomely HD all the way up to 256 x. This wouldn't have been possible a few months ago when HD textures were unweildy and requred a separate install, but nowadays being able to switch between HD and non HD texture packs seems to mean that you can also switch between HD and non HD skins within a texture pack. That's so freakin' awesome, is it not?

How To Install vonDoomCraft HD Mob Textures

Open the folder of the texture pack you'd like to add these skins to and drop the mob file that you'll find in the unzipped folders of the vonDoomCraft download into the texture pack, then click 'okay' or 'yes' or 'most definitely, good sir' when the computer asks you if you want to replace the texures. That's it. You're done. If you think you might feel pangs of regret, then back up the texture pack you're messing with before you undertake this process.

Download vonDoomCraft HD Mob Textures


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