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★ Creative Outdoor Summer Game Ideas | Best DIY Garden Activities & Water Toys for Kids ★

Updated on January 31, 2015

Fun Water Fight Toys & Party Games For The Yard

During the hot summer, there is nothing more fun for kids than playing in cool water, competing in games and races, or taking part in a water fight with friends. There are water toys highlighted on this page which will hopefully appeal to kids of all ages, and there are even some extreme toys that adults can build and have fun with too!

The toys that have been picked are some of the best selling and highest rated water toys around. Buying any of these fun outdoor water toys is a great way to keep your children entertained during those hot summer months. Just be sure to always give the proper adult supervision when your child is playing with outdoor water toys.

I've also included some summer water game ideas to get the fun started, which I hope will inspire you to get out in the sun :-)

Water Balloons - The Key Ingredient for any Summer Water Party!


Water Toys for Babies & Toddlers - Floating Toys, Baby Pools & a Waterpark

SwimWays Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy
SwimWays Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy
Colorful inflatable float to let your child (aged 9 to 24 months) make a splash in the pool. A sun canopy is also included to protect from harmful UV rays.
Little Tikes Spiralin' Seas Waterpark Play Table, Multicolor
Little Tikes Spiralin' Seas Waterpark Play Table, Multicolor
This is the type of summer toy that children get really excited about because it isn't just one activity; there are loads of things to do with this waterpark, including playing with the ferris wheel, central spiral and water wheels. Recommended age: 24 months - 6 years.
Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool (34 in x 10 in)
Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool (34 in x 10 in)
A very inexpensive inflatable pool, perfect for the beach or in your yard. You could even fill it with plastic balls and use it as an indoor toy in winter!
Clicker Crab Hourglass Sifter & Funnel
Clicker Crab Hourglass Sifter & Funnel
Although at first glance this toy might seem too simple, and therefore boring, kids actually find it fascinating to watch sand or water to trickle back and forth inside!
Intex Mushroom Inflatable Baby Pool, 40" X 35", for Ages 1-3
Intex Mushroom Inflatable Baby Pool, 40" X 35", for Ages 1-3
A cute mushroom design incorporates a roof for shade, whilst your child relaxes underneath in the pool. Excellent value too.

Water Games Ideas

Safety tips: Kids should always be supervised near water, and water balloons can be a choking hazard for small children too. It's also best to clear up burst balloons quickly so they're not a risk to wildlife either. Thanks, and have fun!

Get Your Ammo at the Ready!


My Favorite Games

- Tie a water balloon to the leg of every player - and when the game starts you must stamp on (or sit on - if you want a more difficult game) everybody else's balloon. The winner is the only one left with a balloon intact.

- Split people into 2 teams and have a bucket of water at one end of the yard, and an empty bucket at the other end. Balance a water-filled polystyrene or plastic cup on either a wooden ruler or your own head, and run with it to the empty bucket. Pour the water from the cup into the bucket. Everyone in the first team does this for a certain amount of time (say 5 minutes), whilst the other team throw water balloons and shoot water at them to try to stop them getting to the other side. People are disqualified if they carry the cups with their hands. The other team then takes their turn trying to fill another empty bucket, and the team which gets the most water into their empty bucket wins (have a measuring jug at the ready). A variation is carrying a water balloon between your knees and then popping it in the bucket.

- The classic 'bobbing for apples' game.

- Everyone has a piece of paper stuck to their backs with duct tape. A line is drawn across the centre of the paper using washable felt tip pen. The idea of the game is to hit the paper of everyone else with your water gun - and the felt tip pen line will make it more obvious when someone has been hit.

- Stand everyone in a circle with a bucket of water in the middle. Fill a colander with water and have it passed from person to person around the circle with everyone's arms outstretched over their head so water trickles onto them. The person that the colander is over when the water runs out has to dunk their head in the bucket before continuing.

- Someone kneels down and holds the water hose so it is spraying a jet of water in a horizontal line. Have people stand in a circle around the sprayer and the hose is rotated slowly around and around, getting slightly higher on each rotation. Everyone must try and jump clean over the water jet, and if you get hit, you're out. Variations on this are hose hurdles and hose limbo.

- Obstacle course - have a series of activities you must do such as running along a slippy plastic sheet, jumping over hurdles, shooting a water balloon into a target (bucket) etc - perhaps all whilst being sprayed at with water pistols.

- Have someone running around with a bucket or hula hoop and you take it in turns to get water balloons into the moving target.

- Have 2 teams and get each team to line up in a row. The first team to get a water balloon from one end of the line to the other (without using their hands) wins. If the balloon is dropped, the team must start again.

- Water balloons could be hidden around the garden or park (like a treasure hunt) and people can then try and find the most for themselves. A few balloons could be specially marked to be 'bonus' balloons, and these could be worth another point. The person who wins gets a prize. A variation is to hide 1, 2 or 3 items like bottle tops, bits of plastic straw etc inside different balloons so the balloons all score different points when collected.

- Give each kid a bucket and have them sit around a paddling pool. Put ice cubes in the pool and give the kids a set time to transfer the cubes to their bucket - with their feet! The kid with the most ice in their bucket wins.

- Have two teams and give each an ice cube of equal size. They must, as a team, melt the ice by any means possible. The first team to melt all of the ice wins.

- Volley a water balloon between 2 teams, with each team using a sheet or towel (one person holding each corner or side) to throw and catch the balloon. Score a team a point if the opposing team doesn't catch the balloon, breaks the balloon or volleys the balloon badly.

- Lay out a few beach towels in your garden so they are well spaced apart. These represent 'safe zones'. Have 2 teams. A member of one team will either have a water gun, water bottle or water balloons and try to wet every member of the opposite team as quickly as possible - but only whilst they are not in the 'safe zones'. The rest of that team will sit out and watch.

The 'playing' team will start on the towels/safe zones and every time someone makes it from one towel to another without getting wet they score a point. If they get wet they must lie on the floor. A person who is 'out' can be rescued by another member of their team by carrying them back to a 'safe zone' (piggyback is probably easiest). Make sure someone's scoring throughout.

At Last - A Water Balloon Filler!

Imperial Toy Kaos Portable Pumping Station, (colors may vary)
Imperial Toy Kaos Portable Pumping Station, (colors may vary)
This little gadget allows you to fill water balloons directly from the water nozzle, and also helps you to easily tie the knots too - I've been waiting for this product to be invented for ages! Makes filling lots of balloons quicker and simpler.

Games & Water Toy Tutorial Videos

'Splash N Scoop' Water & Sand Table - A kid's table for all-in-one fun!

Step2 Splash N Scoop Bay Sand and Water Table, Multicolor, Deluxe Pack: Includes 7 Piece Accessory Set
Step2 Splash N Scoop Bay Sand and Water Table, Multicolor, Deluxe Pack: Includes 7 Piece Accessory Set
This play centre features two separate sections; one for water and one for sand, so it's like a mini seaside all in one place! A four-piece accessory set is also included. Perfect for entertaining your kids in summer whilst keeping them safe and cool in the shade.

Pool Parties...not just for kids!


Flip 'n' Slide Summer Fun


Fun Products for Kids over 3 - Water Pistol, Garden Slides, Swimming Pool & Toys

Water Toys for Older Kids, Teenagers and Adults - Water Tag, Cannons & Throwing Discs

Fun for kids at least 8 years old.

Competitive Water Tag Game - For kids aged 8-15

Stream Machine Water Tag Set, Water Launcher for Outdoor Games and Swimming Pool Toy for Kids and Adults, with Two Stream Machine Water Guns & Two Vests, Multicolor (80020)
Stream Machine Water Tag Set, Water Launcher for Outdoor Games and Swimming Pool Toy for Kids and Adults, with Two Stream Machine Water Guns & Two Vests, Multicolor (80020)
2 Scoring vests and 2 water pistols are included with this game, which involves trying to fill up your opponents vest with water - a super fun addition to any water battle!
OgoDisk Mini Disc Set with OgoSoft Rubber Ball - Outdoor Bouncy Disk Game for Lawn & Pool - Throw, Toss & Catch - Kids & Adults 8+
OgoDisk Mini Disc Set with OgoSoft Rubber Ball - Outdoor Bouncy Disk Game for Lawn & Pool - Throw, Toss & Catch - Kids & Adults 8+
These foam discs float in water and so are perfect for playing throwing games in the sea or pool, and to add even more water to the mix, you can use water balloons as the 'ball'!

Splash About!


Have you ever hosted a summer water party?

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