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What is Touhoumon

Updated on June 17, 2012

Touhoumon? What is This Devil Speak!?

Hello everyone. I'm Darkskeleton from Pandora's Phoenix and I welcome you to my site if you so choose.

Surely many of you have played or at least heard of a game and anime series called Pokémon. This page is especially for the fans of those Pokémon games who are looking for something a little different. Touhoumon is a cross between Touhou Project and Pokémon. Many coders have taken it upon themselves to edit the original Pokémon games and create their own versions of the system. When people edit games like this, it is referred to as a hack or ROM hack. These hacks have been the source of many fantastic fan made games across the internet. Touhoumon is a hack of Pokemon games that features Touhou Project characters.

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Touhou Wiki
Touhou Wiki

Consulting the Touhou Wiki

It'll help you along your way - Trust me!

This place is critical for those who get into the game. It has information on just about every Touhou, in game evolutions, stats, and other information about the game. The Touhous you can catch in each game are relatively consistent and generally are roughly the same as most were based off of the original/official Fire Red version but things may not be 100% in the version you decide to play.


Where to Find Touhoumon

Depending on what version you want to play, there are many different Touhoumon hacks created by many different people. Here's a list of all the ones I could find.

Pokémon Games - Show your support!

Are you one of the 5 people who somehow haven't played a Pokémon game? Maybe you missed out on a generation or two of the Pokémon franchise? If Touhoumon is your thing then I imagine you are also a big fan of the original Pokémon games. Pick up a copy of the original games to show support to those who initially made Touhoumon a possibility in the first place.

Want to Suffer and Cry Rivers? Now's Your Chance - Introducing Nuzlocke Runs!


The idea of a Nuzlocke run is to play a pokémon or pokémon style game (like Touhoumon!) with a minimal of two handicap rules.

The basic rules are

1. Whenever one of your Touhou/Pokémon faints, it's dead. You must release it (or at least retire it to a PC box) and it is gone forever.

2. You may only catch the first Touhou you encounter in each route. You can only take one Touhou from each city (the first one you acquire essentially)

Trust me... It's a lot more frustrating then it sounds. I tried it in a Pokémon Black run (my first time playing through the game), and I lost everything at the 2nd gym boss.

Nuzlocke Comic Site

There's a site for this and a comic series that goes along with it. It's fairly well known among the Pokémon community but there's no reason you can't try it with Touhoumon too. In fact it's probably more hardcore or Touhoumon because most of these games are made by hardcore Japanese enthusiasts. (The original Touhou games are VERY unforgiving. I have yet to beat a single one and get a good ending).

eBay for Pokémon

With games like Pokémon it can be very hard to find many physical copies of the older generations of games. Maybe an eBay seller is selling of his copies at a fair price. Buying used can be a smart choice if you're careful about it.

Darkskeleton's Touhoumon "Official" Let's Play

A let's play at its basic level is a person recording himself playing through any video game and recording commentary (live or in post) over the said gameplay. Some let's players like to do things like picture-in-picture. This is my Touhoumon lets play of the official ROM hack which can give you some idea of what the game is like. Hint: It plays a lot like the original Pokémon games.

If this interests you then please check out my site at Pandora's Phoenix and Youtube. Thanks for your support.

Comments - Did I miss a version of Touhoumon? Do you have any stories of love to share about Pokemon, Touhou, or Touhoumon games?

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