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10 Reasons why Activity Gyms are good for Babies

Updated on June 13, 2017

Where to buy the best activity gyms for babies

Baby Activity Gyms are great for helping babies in their early days. The gyms are designs so a baby can lie flat on a soft padded surface and above her are a range of toys with different feels, sounds and so on. Baby will develop focus as her eye muscles become stronger as well as hand-eye coordination, muscle development and the gym will stimulate her senses and her imagination.

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Image credit courtsey of Amazon: Featured here: Baby Activity Gym You can buy this online by clicking the link.

Activity Gyms were created to help early development in babies - I keep saying that! This particular one comes complete with a kick pad that plays music when touched. Baby soon learns cause and effect with this to help her along. Watching babies discover their world while developing their muscles and senses is fascinating. You learn as much as they do.

Infant development toys - 10 reasons why activity gyms are good for babies

Activity gyms are pretty, colorful and attractive and on those counts alone many parents are drawn to buying them. But they are also excellent toys for early development in babies. When your baby is born her senses are pretty basic, even her eyes aren't completely developed yet and if you can provide stimulation to help her develop it is all to the good. Here are only a few of the benefits to be had for owning a baby activity center.

  1. The arch above them, looks good, holds toys, you can even lift it up but is that all it is good for? The answer to that is not all - baby's have a natural instinct to insecurity - remember how they liked to be wrapped tightly when they were first born? Lying on their back can increase a feeling of insecurity and the arch helps to allay that simply by being there. It doesn't even have to have a cover to work it's magic. It gives the child the illusion of an enclosed and safe place.
  2. Development of eye focus, strengthen eye muscles and coordination. Newborn's can't focus immediately although you may think they do when they gaze up at you while feeding. In fact it is during the first month they begin to focus more, their vision becomes less blurry and your face will be the thing she recognises most. You can learn more about the developing eye by clicking this link --> What Can My Baby See?
  3. Develops hand to eye coordination.
  4. Reaching and grabbing.
  5. Encourages head movement, strengthens the neck muscles especially when she is on her tummy
  6. Noises and music stimulate your babies hearing and brain as she processes the sensations of what she sees with what she hears.
  7. Develops muscle tone in legs, lower back and arms as she kicks and reaches. Tummy time is important here too.
  8. Experts suggest letting your baby lie on her tummy serveral times a day for a few minute each time helps to develop neck muscles as they learn to hold their heads up.
  9. Play mats like these encourage babies to roll over and sit up and balance when they are ready to do so.
  10. They learn cause and effect - babies very quickly learn that if they perform a certain action it will produce such and such an effect - like shaking a rattle produces nice noises.

Best reviewed baby activity gym - buy the best activity gym for your baby

Fisher Price never fail to deliver top quality baby products and this activity gym for babies in no exception. The gym consistently gets top reviews from buyers, usually 4 or 5 star. If you would like to read the reviews, just click this link to see what customers have to say about it --> Customer Reviews.

These pads and play arches are great for child development: they stimulate baby in so many ways - you'll have read more detail here already but just to show you how important tummy time is...

Popular activity gym for baby - early development for babies

Lotti the Ladybird is here to help your baby grow. This is a softly padded mat with overhead arch and toys meant to stimulate a baby's movement and senses. This set is particularly well padded so is ideal even for newborns. They will start by looking, strengthening eye muscles and developing eye coordination and quickly move on to grab, touch and play.

Which activity gym will you buy?

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