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Why Persistence Is Important for Bloggers

Updated on March 5, 2013

Intro: What Will You Learn From This Lens?

Anyone can set up a blog and write a couple of articles. Creating a succesful blog requires you being on fire for the niche you have chosen so you can add many articles to your blog. People want information, and your blog should provide that information from as many perspectives as possible.

What to Remember Before You Promote Your Blog

Before you promote your blog, you need content. Obviously, the very first article should focus on About the author. What are your credentials for starting this blog? Why have you started the blog? How long have you been involved in your specific niche? What are your goals, and what will the readers get from adding your rss-feed to their feeds?

Answer each of those questions so people know who they are learning from.

Add two or three articles, and make sure the design of your blog fits the content you are writing about. Most blogging sites offer a variety of colors and widgets that can make your blog attractive from the beginning. If you are hosting the blog on your own domain you get an even bigger variety of themes you can add for an even more personal design.

How to advertise? Start on social media where people are already interested in what you have to say. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to name a few.

As you move on with more content on your blog you will no doubt want to add a link to your blog to your e-mail signature, signatures on newsgroups and every time you make a comment on someone else's blog.

How to Find Inspiration for Your Blog

Sometimes current news makes excellent inspiration for MORE content

Many bloggers find it a challenge to write more articles once they have passed the first fifty articles. We have all seen blogs that die out...

That should never happen for you if you stay alert to current news. No matter what niche you have chosen there is always going to be something interesting happening in your field of expertise, and you can use that as inspiration for commenting on an important aspect of your subject.

If you're into fishing salmon, environmental issues can be relevant. If you're into politics, elections or demonstrations may be an inspiration. If you're into fashion, new collections come out all the time.

Creativity is the key essence of new blog articles, so stay attentive towards things that can inspire you to create content people want to stay up to date about.

Listening To Your Readers

Comments give a good impression of what your readers think...

You often get gold nuggets from reading the comments readers make on your blog, and you can use that to fine tune your blog. Stay focused on what readers want to know more about, and make sure you give people a reply to comments they make. Once people find out you appreciate the feedback they give you, they will be more prone to write even more comments.

Finally, once you implement what you learned in this lens, you won't give up, and your blog may be among the many who continue to be a blessing to readers. Stay succesful and best of luck to you.

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    • hblunck1 profile image

      hblunck1 4 years ago

      @LadyDuck: Thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed it. :-)

    • profile image

      LadyDuck 4 years ago

      Useful lens, thanks for sharing your tips.