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Witcher 2 Battle for Vergen

Updated on April 20, 2015

Witcher 2 Battle for Vergen

Witcher 2 Battle for Vergen and Fighting Beside Saskia
Witcher 2 Battle for Vergen and Fighting Beside Saskia

Witcher 2 Battle for Vergen

The witcher 2 battle for Vergen begins after using the 4 artifacts to lift the cursed mist, defeating the draug and allowing King Henselt's army to march towards Vergen.

The first step in defending Vergen on Ioverth's path is to assist the dwarf Zoltan, now the commander for defending Vergen's walls. Zoltan suggests that they pour hot searing oil onto the enemies. To handle this part of the battle, move Geralt up the right hand stairway and Geralt will meet with many Kaedweni knights and warriors. Activate Quen, and power hack the enemies with Gwyhyr, and Heliotrope will activate. Push your way to the lever and furiously click on the mouse button to activate the oil splash. Alternatively use Yrden to trap the Kaedweni warriors and do the same. Once the oil has been released, run down and meet Zoltan at the gates.

Witcher 2 Defending Vergen's Walls

The oil splash has only delayed the inevitable, and Henselt's army continues to advance into Vergen past the first line of defence. Follow Zoltan and retreat into the upper walls, where the chance to defend Vergen's walls and fight alongside Saskia presents itself. There will be several waves of Kaedweni warriors and knights climbing up the wall. There are several tactics here. The age old tactic of Quen, block and multiple damage to enemies using the swordmaster development pathway is always useful. Alternatively, use Yrden to trap the enemies. Or use Aard to push the enemies off the wall.

Right after this battle, Saskia says they must engage the enemies in one of the tunnel systems beneath Vergen. Follow Saskia into the tunnel systems. Saskia in medieval knight armor is simply gorgeous, and it is hard not to follow this commander in chief.

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Witcher 2 Saskia's Secret

In the tunnels beneath Vergen, Geralt meets hostility in the form of mercenaries and rotfiends. These are relatively easy to defeat. The main engagement is then with a team of mercenaries and a sorceror. This battle could be difficult to navigate. Again use Quen and block and counter with multiple damage. It will be impossible to defeat the sorceror in this particular battle, and he incinerates Geralt, who falls to the ground in agony. To save Geralt, Saskia sacrifices her secret.

Witcher 2 Saskia's Secret

Witcher 2 Iorveth Entrance and Victory for Vergen

With Saskia rallying the troops, and Iorveth and his army's dramatic appearance in the Battle for Vergen, the tide turns for the Vergen army, and Henselt's forces begin to wilt. Sensing a retreat by Henselt, Saskia commands Geralt and Zoltan to reach Iorveth and close the gates to stop the retreat and in so doing capture Henselt. This is likely the easiest of the battles of Vergen, especially if Geralt had recruited the services of the mercenaries and the troll lovers in the search for Triss Merigold earlier. Zoltan locks the gate, and Henselt is captured!

Victory for the forces of Vergen! But what of Henselt's fate?


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