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Witcher 2 Defeating Draugirs and Aedirnian Wraiths Upper Aedirn Battle

Updated on May 29, 2011

Witcher 2 Saskia

Witcher 2 Saskia (with Geralt on the left)
Witcher 2 Saskia (with Geralt on the left)

Witcher 2 Prelude to War Aedirn

In the witcher 2, Geralt's story continues after joining forces with Iorveth the elf, and storming and capturing the prison barge. And the witcher 2 Act 2 begins, with Geralt in the region of Aedirn, and prelude to war. And some tactics and strategy on defeating the draugirs and aedirnian wraiths are provided here.

The witcher 2 act 2 starts with Stennis the Prince, accompanied by Saskia the Virgin of Aedirn, going to the Kings Meet to negotiate with King Henselt. King Henselt threatens to invade Upper Aedirn with his army. Stennis the Prince refuses to concede, and a battle between Henselt and Stennis starts. Defend with block and attack Henselt whenever it is possible, and Stennis should be fine. When Henselt knocks Stennis to the the ground, the skies darken and a mist rolls in, sending in hordes of Draugirs and undead Aedirnian wraiths into the battlefield.

Witcher 2 Defeating the Draugirs and the Aedirnian Wraiths

Geralt appears at the scene and is led by a dwarf to the scene of the battle between Stennis, Saskis and the Aedirnian wraiths. Here it is recommended that Geralt blocks the attacks of the aedirnian wraiths and activate the Quen sign whenever he can. At this stage, remember to level up before going into the battle. Geralt should be about mid-level (level 14 or 15 out of 35), and should be able to activate the Heliotrope sign talent ability, and use the Quen sign to defect damage up to three opponents. This will be very useful, especially later on in this stage of the game. When the Aedrinian wraiths are defeated, a mysterious force binds some scrape metal and weaponry together to create the draugirs. Again use block and Quen, but also powerful melee attacks to destroy the two draugirs.

Saskis is a wonderful beautiful woman warrior dressed in medieval style knight battle gear. Where do they get all these beautiful women from in the witcher 2 universe? Wish there was a teleport spell for transport to the witcher 2 world.

Witcher 2, the Art of War, and Dungeon Siege 3

Witcher 2 Escorting the Prince and Saskis to Safety

With the initial hordes of Aedirnian wraiths and draugirs defeated, Saskis picks up the prince and drags him to start walking. More Aedirnian wraiths appear, and an owl also descends from the sky. This owl is in fact the sorceress Philippa Eilhart, who creates a magical ring of protection around the team of Saskis, the Prince, Geralt and Iorveth. The owl can also shoot out orange bolts of lightning. Wait for the Aedirnian wraiths to enter the ring, and then strike them down. They will lost health first after entering the ring, and can also be taken down by the Quen sign without Geralt having to lift a finger. Just use parry and the key E. The team and the ring start moving as Geralt tries to escort the prince and saskis out of the mist into the town Vergen.

The ring will stop three or four times during the whole escort mission, as several wraiths descend from the dark skies and create draugirs. Concentrate on the draugirs first, and then finish off the wraiths in the centre to allow the ring to move on.

Eventually, Geralt and company reach the boundaries of the mist, and enter Vergen. Geralt is himself escorted to an inn. Take the time to explore the town and inn, and then set forth for the War Council.

The war for Aedirn has begun.

Witcher 2 Escort Mission


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