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Witcher 2 Defeating the Kayran

Updated on May 22, 2011

Witcher 2 Tackling the Tentacles of the Kayran

Witcher 2 Tackling the Tentacles of the Kayran
Witcher 2 Tackling the Tentacles of the Kayran

Witcher 2 Defeating the Kayran

The witcher 2 defeating the Kayran quest is initiated by talking to Triss Merigold and company in the Flotsam inn.

A monster disturbance at the pier and waterfront near the Flotsam inn brings Geralt and his party to the waterfront, where a monstrosity - the Kayran is trying to destroy all in sight. A mysterious sorceress called Sile subdues the beast momentarily and it escapes into the water, leaving Geralt nothing to fight, and only questions to ask. Sile asks Geralt to defeat the beast, and to seek a merchant to claim his reward.

In the journal section, mark the merchant and follow the directions to the merchant, where Geralt can haggle with him to earn twice the amount of Orens for defeating the Kayran.

Witcher 2 and Inspired Items

Witcher 2 Finding Clues to Defeat the Kayran

In witcher 2, finding clues and then defeating the Kayran are the hallmark of monster slaying which is the professional career of Geralt the witcher, before he veered off to help a kingdom and its fallen king. The Witcher 2 Assassin of Kings main story walkthrough and leveling up guide is provided here.

Focus will be provided here on defeating the Kayran and monster slaying. To defeat the Kayran, Geralt must seek out the elf Cedric who lives just outside Flotsam. Head to the journal section, and mark the seek Cedric quest in the journal for easy navigation. At the gates of Flotsam, Triss Merigold appears and tells Geralt to avoid Sile if possible, but if he insists on finding Cedric, then she will accompany him. Upon finding Cedric at the Flotsam watchtower, Cedric will tell the witcher the location of the Kayran lair. Triss opens up a portal and teleports there.

Triss Merigold has to be the most memorable character in the witcher 2, with Triss Merigold's medieval renaissance dress wear and flaming red hair and walking style.

Head to the lair of the Kayran. Along the way, Geralt has to fight off 2 bands of bandits. This is easy. At the lair, Triss and Geralt face off against the witcher 2 drowners. There are 5 of them. A tactic here if one is low level is to target one of them and use strong melee attacks (right mouse button) and then run off, allow vitality to regenerate and then engage one of them again. After this fight, examine the kayran mucus, and Triss will give a medieval geek talk about mutation and evolution. Love this! Geralt has to fashion an antidote for the deadly Kayran poison.

Witcher 2 Fashioning the Mongoose Potion

The antidote for the Kayran poison is called the Mongoose potion, and can be obtained by finding some ostmurk in the caves south of Flotsam. Nearer the entrance of the cave, Geralt has to combat many nekkers. These monsters burrow into the ground and out of it in an instance and attack Geralt with lightning speed. Counteract with speed melee attacks (left mouse buttons and either the Aard sign or the Yrden sign). Find the ostmurk and use meditation to fashion the potion and then seek out Sile. Sile actually lives on the upper floor of the Flotsam inn. This finding Sile in the Flotsam inn video may help.

Witcher 2 Finding Sile at the Flotsam Inn

Witcher 2 Slaying the Kayran

The witcher 2 slaying the Kayran quest may not be that hard if you break out the sequence into various segments. First combat preparation - use meditation and quench some potions, including the antidote for the Kayran poison.

Next head for the Kayran and use Yrden sign on the ground a few steps from where Geralt starts off with the combat with the Kayran. The next step is to chop the tentacles off when the tentacles are trapped. The safe spot is a tiny little spot at the feet of the statue on the left. Use this spot to heal up when Geralt's vitality is low. Repeat this step with the other 2 tentacles. When three tentacles are off the Kayran will attempt to sweep Geralt with the fourth tentacle. Grab hold of it and left click furiously on the mouse to chop this off. The Kayran is almost spent, and will start throwing rocks at Geralt. Move to the left of the Kayran and then climb onto a makeshift pile of rock and destroy the Kayran.

A job well done, monster slayer!

Witcher 2 Defeating and Slaying the Kayran


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