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Witcher 2 Gargoyle Quest

Updated on April 20, 2012

Witcher 2 Gargoyle Quest

The witcher 2 gargoyle quest is initiated by getting to the Loc Muinne market place and getting the quest from the notice board. The witcher 2 gargoyle quest is important in obtaining the silver sword Addan Deith, which is the minimum silver sword recommended to defeat a certain flying reptilian creature in the witcher 2 act 3 near ending.

The witcher 2 gargoyle quest involves finding three rooms with a chest that is flashing red, and with 4 rune signs in which to deactivate. The first of the room has already been described in the witcher 2 getting to loc muinne section. A summary is provided here in the form of a video.

Witcher 2 Gargoyle Quest First Room

Witcher 2 Gargoyle Quest

Witcher 2 Gargoyle Quest
Witcher 2 Gargoyle Quest

Witcher 2 Gargoyle Quest Second Room

The witcher 2 gargoyle quest second room is accessible via a stairway leading down. This stairway is just to the right of the area where Iorveth and Geralt are eavesdropping on some guards who are describing the capture of Philippa the sorceress. After entering this particular courtyard, Geralt is besieged by several gargoyles. Use Quen and block frequently to prevent the monsters from cornering Geralt and beating him to a pulp. The gargoyle quest second room runes can be deactivated in the following ways - rune (floor, left), rune (wall, right), rune (floor, right) and rune (wall, left).

Before deactivating this rune, it is necessary to defeat the elemental golem. Use Quen, Yrden, and power attacks to do so. Intermittently run up the stairway to avoid continuous attacks by the golem, which is too powerful to counteract. Alternatively, corner the golem into the right hand corner just Geralt enters the room and keep power attacking it.

Witcher 2 Gargoyle Quest Third Room Near Amphithreatre

The witcher 2 gargoyle quest third room is rather tricky to find, being to the right at the end of a long archway that appears blocked. When Geralt cannot advance into the archway due blocked stones, turn left and follow the corridor to bypass the stones. From the archway, turn right and head down into a courtyard where there are some gargoyles lined up on the wall. Advance carefully as the gargoyles will descend four at a time, which is too much for Geralt. Stay near the entrance of the courtyard and take on the gargoyles one at a time.

Then descend into the third room, and deactivate the runes in the following way - rune (floor, left), rune (floor, right), rune (wall, left), rune (wall, right). Open the chest and grab Addan Deith, the silver sword weapon meant for defeating the wraiths of the Hunt (perhaps in the witcher 3?).

Return to Bras the merchant at the Loc Muinne market place, and obtain your reward for completing the gargoyle contract.


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