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Witcher 2 Harpy Contract

Updated on June 1, 2011

Witcher 2 Combat with Harpies

Witcher 2 Combat with Harpies
Witcher 2 Combat with Harpies

Witcher 2 Harpy Contract

The witcher 2 harpy contract coincides with the witcher 2 hunting magic quest as Geralt is sent forth by Philippa to obtain the magical ingredients needed to heal Saskia. So remember to collect the harpy contract from the Vergen inn and plenty of traps before setting off for the harpies and the hunting for magic quest. The witcher 2 hunting magic quest is set off first by talking to alderman Cecil Burdon, who suggests that the witcher Geralt check out a tower containing a magical artifact somewhere north of Vergen. Follow the map, and head towards a small swamp with harpies and drowner deads, and find a sloping hill to walk up on. Geralt has to jump from hill to hill before reaching the tower. Collect the crystal which is a crystallized dream of Burdon. Present it to Philippa and she will send you back to Burdon to open the gates that lead to the queen harpy's lair, where there are more crystallized dreams to collect. Geralt must find the most powerful of the dreams - that of the dragon of course.

Witcher 2 Defeating the Queen Harpy

The witcher 2 harpy contract is really a dungeon crawl through mountains and caves containing harpies after harpies. The wonderful thing about this quest is that at this stage, Geralt will have enough experience to have unlock the talent Heliotrope. Using Heliotrope together with the Quen sign is fantastic for both combat and visual effects. The harpies will swarm Geralt, particularly at the descend into the harpy cave and the fight with the Queen Harpy and her minions. The key to these battles is to block and roll away, Quen up, and then let the electricity deflection build up enough adrenalin to send Geralt into the Heliotrope state. Time will slow down, and defeating these harpies including the queen harpy will be a lot easier.

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Witcher 2 Selecting the Most Powerful Magical Artifact

The last stage of the queen harpy quest is deep in the lair of the queen harpy. If harpies were as beautiful a winged creature as this, then it would be a great costume idea. Defeat the queen harpy for a great reward (see the silver sword section for information). Geralt must then look around the cave for crystals of different colours - each one symbolizing a different individual's dream. Collect them all and then use the telescope to see which individual's dream it belongs to. Then return to Philippa and present her with the dragon's dream.

Witcher 2 Quen and Combat with Harpies


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