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Witcher 2 Immortelle Quest

Updated on May 31, 2011

Witcher 2 Immortelle Quest

The witcher 2 immortelle quest is also known as the witcher 2 subteranean life. This quest involves going to the dwarven mines in Vergen and obtaining the immortelle, a herb hidden deep within the dwarven mines. To start this quest, first go to the Vergen inn and speak to the dwarfs gathered there for drinks with Dandelion the bard. The dwarfs suggest go deep into the dwarven mines in Vergen to harvest the immortelle, and Geralt sets off with the three dwarfs Zoltan and alderman Cecil Burdon on a mining adventure. The immortelle is part of the magical ingredients needed to save the Dragonslayer Saskia's life.

Witcher 2 Vergen Mines Necrophages

Within the witcher 2 vergen mines, there are two main obstacles - necrophages and the maze like difficulty of the mines. First, the necrophages are really monsters that have infested the mines, and Geralt's specialty is to destroy monsters, so no difficulty there. The necrophages attack in packs of four or five, led by a miniboss Rotfiend. With the three dwarfs by your side, there should not be any problems at all. Depending on your witcher 2 specialization, use the appropriate skills to destroy the necrophages. This may include Quen sign, block and power attacks.

The necrophage boss at the end of this quest is a Bullvore, at the end bottom of the dwarf mines. Once this boss is overcome, Geralt can collect the immortelle.

Witcher 2 Defeating the Bullvore

Witcher 2 Vergen Mines Pathway

The path through the Vergen Mines can be explained through the following steps. When entering the first main chamber of the Vergen Mines, there are three main pathways to go through. The two main pathways are south, and to the left. For completeness of the witcher 2 immortelle quest, one may want to take on the right hand pathway first. This will lead to a dead end, but will also allow one to collect as many items such as elemental stone and iron ore for selling for orens and for crafting.

Next head to the pathway on the left, and go straight to the end, where a fallen dwarf is. Pick up his notes, and keys, and realize a side quest in the Vergen Mines. This side quest involves collapsing three of the mines entrances that have allowed the necrophage menace to flood into the mines. Collapse the first one at this end, then follow the pathway back towards the main chamber. Just before the main chamber is a door. Use the first key to open this.

The key to navigating the vergen mines pathways is to refer to the map often, find the fallen dwarfs and their keys, and open the locked doors one at a time.


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