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Witcher 2 Nekker Contract

Updated on April 19, 2012

Witcher 2 Nekker Contract

Witcher 2 Nekker Contract
Witcher 2 Nekker Contract

Witcher 2 Nekker Contract

The witcher 2 nekker contract is obtained from Louis Merse at the house (he is usually upstairs). Louis Merse's house is the one behind the merchant selling clothes at the Flotsam Town Square. In the witcher 2, Geralt will need to obtain some robust cloth from this merchant to create the Kayran Carapace Armour, so it is a good idea to know the location of this merchant. The Kayran Carapace Armour is a hoodie costume that looks good on Geralt.

Anyway for the witcher 2 nekker contract, accept the contract from Louis and then proceed to the village outside Flotsam. Here find Cedric the elf who is located in the tree house or balcony above the ground, and buy some Grapeshot bombs from him. The grapeshot bombs are necessary to destroy the Nekker tunnels.

Witcher 2 Nekker Tunnels Locations

There are four nekker tunnels in the witcher 2. Head south from Flotsam to the swampy area. This area is easy to find on the map. It appears as an area of waviness which is quite large. Next either follow the video below or just walk around the area to locate the tunnels. On the outside the tunnels appear as piles of bones with an opening in the centre. Near each nekker tunnel, nekkers will appear and attack Geralt.

Witcher 2 Nekker Tunnels Location

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Witcher 2 Fighting Nekkers

The key to the witcher 2 fighting nekkers strategy is to use the Quen sign. The Quen sign allows electricity damage to be defeected onto the nekkers. And the nekkers will attack in waves. So this will allow damage to be defected even when Geralt is not moving or attacking and is just parrying. Next execute a series of rapid attacks against the nekkers, and chop them to pieces with the witcher 2 silver sword. Once Geralt has cleared the area of nekkers, approach the nekkers tunnel, put in the Grapeshot bombs, and then run away before it explodes.

Once all four tunnels are destroyed, return to Louis Merse for a reward.

Witcher 2 Fighting Nekkers


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