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Witcher 2 Rescuing Triss Merigold from the Nilfgaardian Empire

Updated on April 24, 2012

Witcher 2 Rescuing Triss Merigold

The story of the witcher 2 draws to a close with the rescue of Triss Merigold from the Nilfgaardian Empire. As a short recap, Triss was captured by Lethos and subjected to a compression spell

To rescue Triss, Geralt must first find Philippa. Enter the sewers beneath Loc Muinne, or allow the guards to capture Geralt (not as exciting and possibly missing out on lots of good treasures). Therefore enter the sewers beneath Loc Muinne. There are plentiful rotfields and bullvores to last a lifetime, so prepare to Quen up and block away. Also search the chests for treasures, and one will find the Ysgith Armor, arguably the best armor for mage intensive characters. Also the crafting material and diagram for the Vran Armor (some say the most powerful armor in the witcher 2) and the Armor of Y should be found somewhere in the tunnels.

Witcher 2 Finding Philippa

Emerge from the sewers to find a cut scene involving Shilard the ambassador, King Radovid of Redania and Philippa the sorceress. This cut scene ends with Philippa being blinded and Geralt attacked by some Nilfgardiaan soldiers. With Quen and the legendary weapon Caerme, this fight is really a piece of cake. Then knock out Shilard the ambassador and interrogate Philippa to find what she and the Lodge of Sorceress had been planning in the Pontar Valley. Philippa asks Geralt for help. Either help her, or resume the search for Triss Merigold.

Witcher 2 Rescue Triss Merigold

Witcher 2 Rescue Triss Merigold from Nilfgaardian Empire
Witcher 2 Rescue Triss Merigold from Nilfgaardian Empire

Witcher 2 Defeating the Nilfgaardian Commander

If Geralt does not want to help Philippa, then use Shilard as a hostage and go into the NIlfgaardian camp for a showdown with the Nilfgaardian Commander Renuald aep Matsen. The Nilfgaardian Commander refuses to bow down to Geralt's request and takes out Shilard, prompting his men to attack Geralt.

If Geralt now has the legendary weapon Caerme, Heliotrope training, and Quen and Yrden, the seemingly endless ranks of Nilfgaardian soldiers are no match for Geralt. About two or three blows takes out one Nilfgaardian soldier. Eventually Geralt will be surrounded by Matsen, a sorceror and more soldiers. Take out the sorceror first (if possible), then the soldiers and then defeat Matsen.

With the key from Matsen, go forth and rescue Triss Merigold.

Witcher 2 and Dragon's Dogma

Witcher 2 Mage Summit and Defeating the Dragon

The witcher 2 story proceeds to the mage summit, where a surprising turn of events happen with the appearance of Triss Merigold and Geralt. Triss forbids the signing of the treaty of the North by Sile the sorceress, accusing her as the conspirator for the assassin of kings. Just as the kings' guards are ready to take Sile, Saskia the dragon breaks through the amphithreatre and creates a diversion for Sile to escape.

To defeat the dragon, Geralt will engage the dragon in two main fights, one at the top of the tower, where the dragon's head is perched into a tiny hole in the tower main chamber. Just use dodge and Aard sign and power hit the dragon. Next the dragon tears away the whole chamber, and Geralt must ascend to the top of the tower for a showdown with Saskia. This fight is easy if Geralt uses the Aard sign, dodge the fire breaths, and then power attack the dragon. When the dragon's hit points are down to 0, a cut scene will show Geralt jumping onto the dragon's neck and the dragon breaking away and crash landing onto a tree trunk. At this point, Geralt can either let the dragon go,or kill it.

Then return to Triss Merigold, and save Iorveth from some guards. Remember to collect the spellbreaker dagger behind Iorveth after defeating the guards. Part with Triss Merigold and head into the main courtyard of Loc Muinne to face a showdown with the Assassin of Kings - Letho.


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