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Witcher 2 Succubus Quest

Updated on May 30, 2011

Witcher 2 Succubus

Witcher 2 Succubus
Witcher 2 Succubus

Witcher 2 Succubus Quest

The witcher 2 succubus quest is obtained after visiting the War Council at Vergen. This succubus quest is also known as the Flickering Heart Quest. Talk to the elf just outside the Vergen inn - Ele'yas. He will speak to Geralt about the killings of several young men and elves and a burnt village outside Vergen. Ele'yas will ask Geralt to investigate this.

First go to the burnt village outside Vergen. There is nothing out here except for a smell of sulphur. Next head to the burial ground. The route in Vergen and outside Vergen may be rather confusing. Use the map to help you navigate (just follow the arrows).Before leaving Vergen head to the vendors at the square and look for one that sells surgical tools.

The burial ground contains lots of bodies. The corpse to examine in question is in one corner of the tomb at the very end. Go through the bodies nevertheless, as a few of them will uncover some really good treasures.

Prepare to face lots of wraiths. Tactics on defeating the wraiths may be found here. One of them will drop a wraith trophy, which adds 6 points of damage. This will be dropped by one of the wraiths Geralt must encounters on entering the first burial chamber.

Witcher 2 Burial Chambers

In the flickering heart quest in act 2 of the witcher 2, Geralt makes his way into one of the last chambers and finds a fresh corpse in the chamber. Examine the corpse, and especially the arms. Geralt will discover some metallic shard in the arm. Use the surgical tools to pick this up. This is in fact broken components of an elven sword. Very interesting and suspicious indeed.Geralt will also discover a book of poems that belong to Dandelion the bard. Eventually Geralt will conclude that the young man has been with a succubus.

Use the map to navigate back to the Vergen inn, and speak to Dandelion. Geralt and Dandelion then agree to lure the succubus out of hiding at the burnt village at the hour of Midnight. Head out to the burnt village just before midnight, and a cut scene will appear where Dandelion will attempt to sing a poem and lure the succubus out.

The combinations in the poem that will work include - "if our bodies", followed by the line that has the heart, followed by the bottom line at the end (bottom, top, bottom). The succubus will then reveal her hiding place, and Dandelion being the lady's man will walk right down into her crypt. Geralt follows.

Witcher 2 and Succubus Ideas

Witcher 2 Exposing the Culprit

In the succubus crypt, the succubus tells Geralt that Ele'yas is the actual killer. To expose the true culprit, head to Iorveth and ask him to examine the shard. He will go and confront Ele'yas, who has fled the city. Head out to the burnt village to have a showdown with Ele'yas. This is a rather easy fight. Head down to the crypt and get your rewards from the succubus. This will include a leather armor, which is useful if one had not obtained the Kayran leather armour from Act 1.


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