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Wizardry Online Caligrase Sewers Walkthrough

Updated on February 7, 2013

In Wizardry Online, the hero must descend into Caligrase Sewers to complete his first official storyline quest. This sewer dungeon is filled with zombies, beetles and highwaymen. Although these monsters do not sound dangerous, they can inflict quite a lot of damage on the low level newbie hero. Against groups of these monsters, the newbie hero will undoubtedly be overwhelmed and be forced to reincarnate at the statue of souls again and again. Add to this the maze like nature of this dungeon and the puzzles that the hero has to go through and the Caligrase sewers will look like a hardcore dungeon. This will guide the hero on how to navigate the Caligrase sewers dungeon, solve the puzzles and defeat the monsters to complete this dungeon walkthrough.

Descend the stairs to the left of the solitary zombie and continue your journey deeper into Caligrase Sewers
Descend the stairs to the left of the solitary zombie and continue your journey deeper into Caligrase Sewers

Wizardry Online How to Get to the Final Chamber

The Caligrase dungeon is based on a series of solving puzzles, unlocking some sealed passageways and then entering a sealed chamber to defeat a number of monsters.

To unlock the first passageway, the hero must touch four pedestals. The first two pedestals are easy. From the chamber with the statue of souls, head straight ahead and then turn left at the solitary zombie to go down some stairs. Run past the hide beetle at the bottom of the stairs and then run along following the walls on the right to some chambers that contain the two pedestals.

The third pedestal will be found past a rogue leader at the top of the stairs where the guild staff Stia (giving out missions) is standing. Defeat the rogue leader and then run past some living undead to reach the third pedestal.

The fourth pedestal is found within a room past a narrow alleyway. The alleyway is found on the left side of the main congregation of zombies when the hero comes down the stairs (see above). The hero can either battle the highwayman or he can wait for the highwayman to come out of his patrol and then run into the room.

Once all four pedestals are examined, go to the dark angel statue and touch it. This will allow the hero to enter the sealed chamber and battle some monsters. Once the monsters are defeated, the passageway is open for the hero to pass through.

Wizardry Online Get to the Second Sealed Passageway

The way to the second sealed passageway is more difficult –

  • from the first sealed (now unsealed) passageway, head down and past a corridor with patrolling highwaymen. Run past the highwaymen and then proceed to the second statue of souls.
  • from the second statue of souls, head forth until one reaches a series of corridors. Head down when the highwaymen are not looking and turn right at the second corridor.
  • go all the way until one reaches the back of a lumberjack. At this position, when the lumberjack is not looking, go open the door and then turn right and run all the way down. Bypass more highwaymen until the hero reaches an intersection with more highwaymen and a lumberjack. The way through is on the left past the mobs and then right until the third statue of souls is reached.
  • touch the pedestals here to find the two components needed to activate the dark angel statue here to get to the sealed chamber. Defeat the enemies within (likely need a party) and then proceed to find the third and final passageway.

Wizardry Online Get to the Third Sealed Passageway

The way to the third sealed passageway is best done with a party.

From the second statue of souls, go past the previously sealed second passageway and then go through a series of rooms until the hero reaches a stairway up and a passageway straight ahead (on level ground). Go straight ahead, running past some undead. At the intersection of a broken grating and a passageway into some standing fire traps, go past the broken grating. Along the way, the hero needs to pick up three screws from debris on the ground. Then head back to the fire traps and go past them, reach the fourth statue of souls and some kobolds. Avoid the kobolds and run past them to reach another dark angel statue. Activate this and enter to slay the final boss (with a party, preferably).

The Caligrase dungeon will be cleared and the hero can look forward to meeting with the Prime Minister of Arcanum.


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