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Wonderful Wizard of Oz Dolls

Updated on August 20, 2014

Wizard of Oz Dolls: Spanning Generations

Memories: The Wizard of Oz movie on television. My mother and I singing "Somewhere over the Rainbow" at bath time.

My mother was forty years older than me, but The Wizard of Oz had been around in her childhood, too. There have been generations of girls who grew up knowing those characters. No wonder the tale has been represented so many times in the doll world.

There were Dorothy dolls issued way back in 1939, and there have been many times since. Adora has made more than one line of Wizard of Oz dolls in recent years -- and as for Madame Alexander and Mattel, it seems they can't stop! With the 75th anniversary of the movie on the horizon... yes, they're celebrating!

Most of these are based on the movie, not the book, but they're still Wonderful Wizard of Oz dolls. Unlike some other well-known characters like Anne of Green Gables, Dorothy and her friends generally been cast in unbreakable materials. That means they're playable and can (truly) be embraced by children. Let's take a look at some of the options...

Image: Amazon

75th Anniversity Wizard of Oz Doll - By Mattel

This Dorothy is part of the Barbie line.
This Dorothy is part of the Barbie line.

Mattel has conceptualized Dorothy many times. This one appears more true to the movie than other recent editions. It is the new 75th anniversary Dorothy, which I spotted at a store recently. (That's my photo above.)

Starring The Wizard of Oz Dolls

You can find a lot of dolls acting out scenes from the Wizard of Oz on YouTube. Yes, today's dolls not only play act, but play roles in small movies. Some sing for wide audiences indeed. It's often Madame Alexander or Mattel Barbies doing the scripted acting. Some girls have cast their American Girl dolls even if they don't quite look the part.

Adora Play Doll

Here's a darling Glinda doll for the little girl who could use a fairy godmother/ good witch in her life. She's an eighteen inch Adora play doll -- scaled to fit right in with American Girl, Our Generation, and other similar play dolls.

Pink Label Glinda

This Glinda, as conceptualized by Mattel, is musical. I understand that she plays some snippet of song. She's quite the glamorous looking good witch, either for a collector or child.

One of the reviews is really cute. The reviewer revealed her eight-year-old niece had announced it was time to make more sets -- the kind of sets like you have in plays and movies.

More Glinda Dolls

So many images of Glinda! Madame Alexander has also made her into an eighteen-inch-play doll.

Barbie, meanwhile, has created a vintage-style Glinda with eyes looking off to the side. She's not truly a Vintage doll, but she's designed to look like one. Ah, those vintage eyes! She's a Pink Label Glinda -- which is kind of fitting in a way. She can play, but she's been designed more as a collectible.

Aston-Drake and Adora have both cast her as a baby doll -- with Adora making her larger, cuddlier and arguably more kid-friendly. But the little Ashton-Drake doll in her crocheted clothing... well, she's one of the more unique conceptions.

Interactive Dorothy

Um... wow. Um... golly. This talking Dorothy is mind-boggling. What do you suppose her limitations are? I doubt the doll discusses philosophy. I doubt she knows her times tables. But who can say? I don't think we're in 1939 any more, Toto.*

*My Toto, incidentally, is an Acer netbook (named Toto because it's little and portable and can travel with me). My Toto is in complete agreement.

Tonner Dorothy

This Tonner Dorothy of Oz is vinyl, and very poseable, but the price does put her out of reach of most little girls. I hear she's twelve inches: appropriately scaled to be a little girl skipping around in a sixteen-inch Tonner doll world.

The Wizard of Oz Cast - As Played by Madame Alexander Dolls

Look at that adorable Wicked Witch of the West doll. Of course she's an actress -- she's perhaps a bit sensitive for the role. Doesn't it look like the cast is having a pre-show huddle? (I can imagine them singing "High Hopes" before going out there under the lights.

shawnzlea, Flickr Creative Commons

Wizard of Oz Play Sets for Children

Know a child (or teacher) who wants to incorporate dolls into storytelling? You can get a set of mini-dolls from any of several makers.

The Kelly doll set and the 2007 Madame Alexander/ McDonald's doll set (eight pieces!) are still available if you look around. North American Bear makes some cute cloth ones.

Historical Wizard of Oz Dolls

The first Wizard of Oz dolls actually predate the movie!

1974 Mego Wizard of Oz Dolls

Yes, those Mego Wizard of Oz dolls from 1974 are still around. I have seen new dolls at prices comparable to today's memorabilia. The complete Wizard of Oz Emerald City playset... that's a different matter. It's available, but the cheapest "like new" I've seen is over $400. (I did see a set that was played with on eBay for quite a bit less.)

Wizard of Oz Trademark

Want to go sew, draw, or mold your own? Maybe you can -- especially if you take your inspiration from Frank Baum's classic. The original story, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, is public domain, so you are free to sell themed dolls and other products that are based off it. Baum's Dorothy does have pigtails and a blue and white gingham dress.

The 1939 movie, though, has a trademark. It's the 1939 movie that brought Dorothy's glittery red shoes into the world. It's also the 1939 movie that brought Glinda to life wearing a pink princess dress and a tall crown -- one that reminds me of a Vacation Bible School paper crown.

Vintage Wizard of Oz Dolls on eBay

I am seeing better deals on vintage '60s and '70s Wizard of Oz dolls on eBay. I frequently see talking 'Barbie' Dorothy dolls from1966.

Seen the Wizard?

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