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WoW TCG set list

Updated on October 6, 2012

Looking for an overview of the decks from the World of Warcraft trading card game?

This is a list of all the WoW TCG sets released by Blizzard to date. The sets can be roughly divided into three groups: Normal sets, Raid decks and Event sets.

The WoW TCG was first released in 2006 and is designed by Mike Hummel, Danny Mandel and Brian Kibler (A name Magic the Gathering fans will recognize).

Below you will find booster packs, booster boxes and even some starter decks so you can your friends can get started playing WoW TCG or pick up some cards from sets you are missing. Who knows, you might even find one of the ultra rare or more common loot cards for in-game items in World of Warcraft. (You can see a full list of WoW loot cards here).

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Basic set list - WoW TCG

The basic World of Warcraft TCG decks are the bread and butter of the card game inspired by Blizzards super succesful video game.

The sets has common, uncommon, rare, epic, hero and loot cards, but the last 4 mentioned are quite rare and usually you will not see many of them. A booster pack for instance will usually contain 10 comon, 3 uncommon, 1 rare or epic and 1 hero or loot card.

For some of the sets you can get started decks that are pre-constructed from the factory. With the starter decks you are guarenteed to get hero cards and are great for beginners or someone just looking for a quick match straight out of the box.

Raid Decks

The raid decks are the multi-player version of the WoW TCG (think commander decks in Magic the Gathering).

To play the raid decks you need at least 4 people. 1 will be the Raid Master and the rest will be the players who battles the monsters under the Raid Masters control .

The reward for beating the Raid Master is cards from the treasure pack, which can contain rares or even loot cards.

Event sets

Event sets has been released on occasion to celebrate certain events. The first set was the Burning Crusade one that was 3 cards that was sent on the marked along side the release of Burning Crusades.

Some of the sets were only available if you were lucky enough to get a Collector's Edition of one of the World of Warcraft expansions or if someone who did are willing to part with them.

There are also cool collector sets for the in-game events Feat of Winter Veil and Darkmon Faire.

When did you start playing the WoW TCG?

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    • Mistl profile image

      Mistl 5 years ago

      @marsha32: Glad I could spread the knowledge, Blizzard has been quite clever in interlinking the two, giving the possibility to gain in-game items from the TCG.

    • profile image

      marsha32 5 years ago

      my daughter and her hubby have been playing WoW online for a few years non-stop. I had no idea there were also cards.