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5 types of people you will meet while playing WoW

Updated on June 18, 2016

The Gaming Nerd

The guy/girl who is always taking about the game performance, gear, gear upgrading, and tactics. This kind of people will blow your mind off with their knowledge of the game, you will find yourself reading a whole paragraphs of 'what's bugged on the server" "how can you fix it " "how can you upgrade your current performance of gameplay and your performance during raids or dungeons".

This is really annoying to those people who just came to play and have fun, so if you're one of gaming nerds please make us all a favor and stop spaming people !

The Girl Gamer

I was one of them, i mean i still am but i got no time to play. Basically we're community of girls which enjoys playing games, we can find ourself in not so good position when some horny teenage boy finds out that you're " GIRL" and will stalk you to the infinity and beyond.

You're also facing a discrimination due the never ending subject " Girls are not for Wow" and can face a lot insults on world/global channel if you speak off your mind there. So be careful my girls, just keep a low profile and enjoy the game. Except if you seek out for attention, WoW is never a good place to do that, trust me.

"This is Bug" kind of people

While you do quests you will find a lot of buggs especially at the private servers, and there will always be that one person who is spaming world chat or as some servers have gmhelp chat.

This is the most annoying person that you will meet in WoW, he always finds something which is bugged and he is always stalking if there's GM around so he can cry about his bugged quest.


I've been a GM on a private server for over a year, and trust me i lost my nerves with this kind of people, because most of the time they are just blind or stupid period

The Gold Digger

The person who is new to the server or the game in general, and he's always at the major cities near the auction houses asking for gold, or just opens the trade.

This will always follow with a whisper on typing in say chat "Plox i'm new gief GOLD".

The GuildMaster

And we came to the GuildMasters,

This kind of people especially if they are managing the top guilds on the server are basically sitting or running in one place and acting cool, you can't talk to them especially if you're new to the game. They are arrogant and think that the worlds spin around them.

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