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Free Tips on Making Gold at Low Levels in World of Warcraft

Updated on October 2, 2016
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Tracey has been writing online for over 10 years. She also is a graphical artist for social media sites. She loves writing about home life!

Advice on How To Make Gold at Lower Levels from a 7 Year Veteran of WoW

I used to have a WoW Blog.......but after writing in it for over a year, I reached a time in my life when I just did not have time to write in it any more. A shame because it had some pretty good hints and tips for playing and for making gold. Today I had some time, so I was going back through the blog and I decided to categorize my posts and make them into lenses. This is the first and it will primarily focus on tips to help you through at lower levels. I have leveled 6 80s, 4 70somethings, 3 60 somethings, 5 50somethings, 3 40 somethings......and enough 30 and under somethings to fill two accounts on several servers. Trust me, I know about leveling and making gold.

I want to make it clear, this lens is NOT NOT NOT a lead in to try to sell you leveling or gold making guides. I never used a single leveling or gold making guide in all the years I have played this game. And the advice contained in this lens is not specific directions on how to level your character. The only thing you will find here are some useful things I have found, through experience, in the time I have been playing. Most of them have to do with making gold, getting better gear and making better decisions when your characters are lower level.

If you have lower level characters, this is one lens you do not want to miss reading !

Make an Auction House Character

Does Not Matter How Low Level Your Main Is

The Importance of Having an AH Toon

Early on in my WoW playing career, I came to three conclusions:

1. Always have the biggest bags you can afford.

2. NEVER throw anything away that you get while questing, and if you have to, then toss singles and not stacks.

3. Make an auction house toon, no matter how low level your main is.

The first two are self explanatory, so let's talk about the last one. You need to have a character on your account that does nothing but sit in a capital city and be a businessman/woman. When you are out questing, every time you are near a mailbox, stop and do a "bag dump." This means you mail everything you have collected while questing to you AH toon. In the beginning, I mailed everything, but after I learned what was garbage and what I could sell, I just sent the latter and vendored the rest. It can be a bit tricky to know the which is which and you have to be diligent to notice the difference between Lifeless Stone (garbage) and Solid Stone. (used by Jewelcrafters and Engineers) If you are too new to the game to know what to vendor, then mail everything and look items up on Thottbot or Wowhead. You can pretty much guarantee that items with a gray name are not worth trying to sell (other than some clothing items, if they are pretty, on RP servers) however items with a white names may be junk or maybe something you can sell.

You may be thinking that it's a lot of trouble to go through to sell a white or a gray for few silver, but actually it's not. Just mail all your stuff to the AH toon, and then once every day or two (I recommend not more than that) you log into your AH guy and you dump everything into the Auction House and let nature take its course. Next time you log in, you will have gold waiting for you ! Get in the habit of doing this every time you play and the gold you earn stacks up. If you don't know what to charge for items, check in the AH to see the going rate or use Auctionator.

Now I know that my techniques are not for the average player. Many people I play with think I am crazy for bothering to sell everything I run across. I just smile, knowing I have epic gear and mounts for all seven of my 90's, not to mention the best battle pets, bags and flasks that gold can buy. Do they? Usually you tell me who is crazy? :)

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Employment for Your AH Toon

Gold Making Tip #2

First of all, you should level your Auction House Character to level 5, so they can learn a profession. Yes, regardless of what you have heard, you can make money with low level professions. You may not want to do this till you have 20 or so gold, because you are going to need some money to buy mats. My favorite two professions for AH toons are tailoring and enchanting. At very low levels of tailoring, you can make quite a few items that almost always sell in the AH.......and usually for more than you would think. Here is how I do it:

How to make extra money with your AH toon with tailoring/enchanting:

1. Level your toon to 5 and learn tailoring and enchanting.

2. Go to the AH and buy all linen cloth that is 15 silver or less for a stack of 20 pieces or 10 bolts. If there is none, then keep checking till there is. Don't buy more expensive stacks, it defeats the purpose of making a profit.

3. Level your tailoring till you can make the following: white, brown, red, blue and green linen shirts and white and red linen robes.

4. The shirts you can put in the AH and sell them from 99 silver to 8 gold each. The white and brown sell for less and the green sells for slightly more. Before you put them in the AH, check and see if there are any in there and price yours a little less. If some idiot has put 20 of one color in for 1 silver each (he obviously made them to level his skill) then don't put any of your shirts of that color in that day, just hold on to them till the dollar shirts sell off and then you can sell yours for more. If you have the gold, buy his shirts and then put yours in at a higher price and sell his tomorrow at a higher price. Don't worry about being stuck with them......shirt ALWAYS sell. If you have to hold on to them for a few days, to sell them for more, it is not a problem.

5. Level your enchanting till you get the chant for +5 to health. It's really low, like 20 or something. Once you have it, then go to the AH and buy a stack of Strange Dust. Don't pay more than 1 gold for it.

6. The while linen robe pattern is from the trainer, but the red linen robe pattern you will have to buy. It is a very common pattern and you should not have to pay more than 10 silver for it. Learn both patterns and make three each per day, put the little +5 health chant on them and you can sell them for 1 gold 99 silver to 7 gold 75 silver, depending on your server. Before putting them in the AH, check and see if there are any others in there already. If they are priced at 50 silver or less, buy them and enchant them and resell them. If they are over 50 silver, yours will still have an edge, even if they are priced higher, because of the enchant.

If you do this every time you put your quest loot in the AH, you will easily make an extra 5 gold or more, just from the sale of these small, low level things. You can do the same with some higher level tailoring items and make even more extra gold.

Selling Pets for Gold in the AH

Gold Making Tip #4

There is an achievement for obtaining 50 unique vanity (non combat) pets and the reward is an adorable skunk pet. There is another for getting 75 pets that rewards you with a very cute fawn pet. LIkewise a squirrel pet at 100. Now I am sure you are aware there are some people that play WoW that will have to do every single one of these achievements and there are also some people that just have to have Stinker, the Skunk, Bambi and their Squirrel pal, Nuts. Either way, it means lots of gold in your pockets selling pets in the various Auction Houses. With the advent of Mists of Panderia and Battle Pets, there comes an even bigger chance to make money selling non-combat pets in the auction house. Not only can you sell regular level 1 pets for people that don't pet battle or those that want to level them themselves, but you can also go out and level these pets yourself, and then sell them for much more money. Even just leveling them to 10 will double or triple (or more) your profit from selling them.

The most lucrative way to sell regular pets is to transfer pets from the other faction. (Alliance to Horde and Horde to Alliance) People will pay a lot of money to obtain a pet that they normally do not have access to. If you don't have any characters on the other side, or a means to trade (you need a friend or to have two accounts, you cannot buy your own auctions) then you can also sell pets in the neutral auction just will not be able to sell them for as much. I put up 36 pets in the Booty Bay Neutral AH for 5 gold each (everyone else was selling them for 10 gold to 50 gold) and I sold them all in less than 6 hours. That was around 150 gold, and that was just selling Horde pets, I didn't even try selling Alliance. Booty Bay is only easily accessible by the Horde. They can run there, fairly unmolested, at low levels, from Orgrimmar. The other two neutral AHs are in Everlook and Gadgetzan, areas that are way too high a level to get to if you are under 35.

My best advice to you, when selling any pets in the AH is this: DON'T GET GREEDY !!! There are some people on the servers that I play on that are trying to sell pets for 50 gold each..... how ludicrous is that ? Look upon these greedy individuals as those that end up just making you look more fair and reasonable. Sell these pets for a decent price, don't try to gouge people for 20+ gold....all that does is make people resent you, and sometimes they will remember your name and refuse to buy anything from you, ever !

You can sell same faction pets in the Auction House, don't overlook this potential for making cash ! You will not be able to charge much for them, but if you sell them every day, the money can stack up. The moths in Exodar and the dragonhawk hatchlings from Eversong are most always good sellers to their own faction. People either don't know where to buy them, or don't want to bother to run out and get them. Sell them for a fair price and people will buy them.

If you don't know where or what pets are available, you can always look them up online, but let me give you a list of the ones that I usually trade.


Snakes from Orgrimmar

Prairie dogs from Thunder Bluff

Cockroaches from Undercity

Dragonhawk Hatchlings from Fairbreeze Village


Rabbits from Ambersill Ranch by Ironforge

Cats from crazy cat lady between Goldshire and Stormwind

Moths from Exodar

Owls from outside Darnassus

Neutral Locations

Parrots in Old Port Authority - Booty Bay

Anaconda Chicken - Racetrack in Shimmering Flats (need to be over level 30 to get to this area)

Stormspire (Netherstorm) has an exotic pets dealer that has some reasonably priced pets and also some very expensive pets. I would stick to the cheap ones, the profit margin on a $40 gold wyrmling will not be much. (must be at least level 65 to get to this area)

If you are an engineer, you can make mechanical squirrels for next to nothing and sell them for 5 to 10 gold or more. There are also mechanical chickens, dragonlings, yetis and frogs, but the mats are a bit more extensive. You could try advertising in trade chat as being able to make them if others supply the mats, for a fee.

There is money to be made in selling pets, but as with everything that you can buy from Vendors and resell, you have to sell them faithfully for a fair price, every day, if you want to make good gold.

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