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Updated on January 8, 2011

It all started with Dora's Explorer Girls, a popular show on Nickelodeon. This animated series about Dora the Explorer captured the imagination of millions of people and children. This began in 1999, and by 2000 it had become a regular TV series. The premise of the series is that on each and every show, Dora went on a trip exploring trying to find something or somebody that needed help. She interacted with the audience asking them for help on new ways to navigate by the map.

Dora loves to explore and she also loves sports. Her best friend on the show is 'Boots' the monkey and he always wears his red boots. Dora and Boots goes through each adventure qualifying 'dos' and 'dont's' for the audience. Since the beginning of the TV series, it has spawned a never ending demand for anything with Dora on it. Children want to find free Dora games online, Dora wallpapers and crafts. But now, she has grown a little older and hence now we have Dora Links.

Dora Links Website and Doll

She has grown a little older and now an interactive doll has been introduced to the market that children love to play. This interactive doll can be plugged into your computer so that you can play and be part of the interactive world of this character.

Mattel Reveals New Dora Links Doll

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      adayzia 5 years ago

      i liked it

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      abbigale 7 years ago

      can i sign up for dora games for free and watch dora saves the merimaid kindom