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Updated on March 2, 2012

The website is a fun place for kids to play games online. When you enter the site you will see Poptropica and Fun Brain where kids can explore, collect and compete. You can even try your skill and play Sudoku. This gameplay website is part of the Family Education Network and Pearson Education Inc. It is one of the internet's most popular game and education site that is designed for K-8 kids and teachers. As you enter the site you can choose to navigate through the major sections that include the math arcade, reading, arcade games, playground or all games.

Some of the other sections of the Fun Brain site you can explore include flash arcades, classic FunBrain, web books and comics, movies and entertainment. Children may also choose to check out the FunBlog that has gender and age specific blogs and community areas. The Funblogs include, The Scoop, that is geared for girls age 6-9. That's So Random, is designed for girls age 10+. Loose Gears is specifically for boys age 6-9 and The Jump Off is for boys age 10+. Kids and teachers can also access Poptropica from here too.

As mentioned, you can click on the 'All Games' link to get an idea of how many educational and fun games are available from the website. Some of the game play available includes mathcar racing, one false move, place value puzzler, operation order, shape surveyor, power football, measure it, penguin waiter, grammar gorillas, translator alligator, spellaroo, what's the word, word turtle, 2Bee or Nottoobee, word confusion, the plural girls, scramble-saurus, stay afloat, math baseball, change maker, bunny count, soccer shootout, number cracker, tic tac toe squares, cookie dough, fresh baked fractions and many more.

Some of the web books you can read and enjoy include Callahan Cousins and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Comics include On the Rocks. You can also enter the Poptropica arcade and have a world of fun.

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    • kidsgamesonline profile image

      kidsgamesonline 7 years ago from uk

      website looks very good. Id recommend it.