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Updated on August 30, 2011

Do you like to play online in a virtual world environment? Are you already hooked on NeoPets? If not ,have you tried it out and created a few pets to play with online? The official website is at From their website, you can access all of the components of your member account. You can create a neo pet, set up your preferences, check your neomail and look in on your neofriends and much more. If you do not have an account, you can sign up for free.

This virtual pet world website was launched from humble beginnings in 1997. Since then it continues to grow in popularity. Starting in 2004, the website was made available in several different languages, reflecting the internation appeal of the site. The team continues to grow and add new games, exciting elements and activities to the website for all of the users to enjoy. You can create your own virtual pet and play inside the virtual world of Neopia. Website Information

Using the website requires a little bit of trial and error for the newcomer. Just jump right in, access your account and explore. The NeoPets website is bright and colorful with the main navigation to most of the site's content labeled across the top. You can explore these sections which include, my account, customise, games, explore, news, pet central, boards, shops and nc mall. You will also notice links at the center of the page going to the Neopoints and Neocash sections, as well as new items that want to feature that day. You will also see sections for the latest games and recent winners. If you have any problems finding something you want to find, just use the search box at the bottom of the page. Once you get somewhat comfortable with the site and how things work, go ahead and create a virtual pet and work yourself into a neohome and see how it feels. There seems to be thousands of virtual pet owners on the website all the time, and there have been millions of neopets created. Chances are that you may enjoy your time playing in this virtual pet world as well.

NeoPets Coupons and Coupon Codes

You can sometimes find Neo Pet coupons, discounts or free NeoCash codes. It may be worth your while to look for these, but just know that they are not always available. If you do find a coupon code for free NeoCash or other promotional item, be sure to use the promo before it expires. An example of a source for promotional offers can be found at

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