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Xbox 360 Arcade Core Console Review

Updated on January 19, 2016

Xbox 360 Arcade Core Console review

The Xbox 360 Arcade is the core console. It is great for people who are casual gamers, or want to step in to current gen. consoles by spending less then 200 dollars or less if you buy one refurbished or used.

The Xbox 360 Arcade core system can also play DVDs, CDs, and media files from USB drive. If you use a HDMI HD cable, you can play video games and watch movies in High Definition.

It is also possible to game online, and watch NetFlix video service on Xbox Live. You can also very easily set up your Windows computer to stream music, and video from your computer to your TV.

The Xbox 360 Arcade comes with a wireless controller, the console, and Standard Definition RCA video and audio cables. It cost about 199.99 . The current slim generation of Xbox 360 Arcades comes with 4GB of internal memory for storing game saves. It also comes with built-in Wi-Fi and uses less power then the older Xbox 360 arcades. The Slim version is smaller, quieter, more power efficient, and black colored.

When you feel the need, you can always upgrade to a 250GB hard drive, and buy a HDMI cable to plug into your HD TV for improved gaming.

The Xbox 360 is now the best Game Console for online play, motion controlling games with the Kinect controller, Netflix, and watching DVDs since for 199.99 you can do all the things I mentioned. Plus, it is cheaper then a PS3, and can do more things then a Wii which can't play DVD movies, and have no HD games for it like Halo 4.

The Xbox 360 can be played offline when not connected to the internet for a long time, and you can replace the hard drive if it breaks unlike the new Xbox One. The Xbox 360 is also smaller in size than the Xbox One, and already has a huge library of games.

Buy the Xbox 360 Arcade at Amazon - Purchase the Xbox 360 Arcade!

Buy the Xbox 360 Arcade from Amazon which has free fast shipping for costumers.

Xbox 360 4GB Console
Xbox 360 4GB Console

Xbox 360 Core Arcade console with 4GB of storage for games and save files.

Xbox 360 Arcade
Xbox 360 Arcade

My 1 year Xbox 360 Arcade Review

Story of how I'm still in love with playing with my Xbox 360 Arcade after a year.

I own the older Xbox 360 Arcade with 256MB of buit-in memory. I mostly use the Xbox 360 Arcade for gaming on my standard definition tube TV(those thick TVs which weigh a lot), and the video from the 360 looks great. I can't wait till I get a HDTV and HDMI cable so I can game in HD.

I sometimes use it for watching DVD movies as well, and the picture and sound are as good as other DVD players I own.

I been playing with my Xbox 360 Arcade for about a year, and it works great at keeping me entertained since there is such a large selections of games for it like Role playing games like Fable 3, Racing games like Forza, and Burnout Paradise.

The Controller is comfortable to hold and use because of it's round ergonomic design. The buttons are also color coded, so it is easy for me to learn the button layout in a short amount of time. The controller also vibrates to make Xbox 360 games more realistic. For example, when I am playing driving games the controller shakes to simulate the bumps on the road. The battery life for the Xbox 360 Arcade's wireless controller is very good. I don't have to charge my controllers AA batteries for weeks. The range of the wireless controller is far which means I can sit very far away from my TV while playing games.

The Xbox 360 can also be used to view video and photos, or listen to music from my Windows 7 computer to my TV via my home network which is easy to setup with Windows Media Center and my Xbox 360 which is both connected to my home network.

The Xbox 360 Arcade is also very reliable. I been using it for about a year, and it still works like new.

One of the best upgrades for an Xbox 360 arcade is the external Xbox 360 hard drive which you can mount on top of your Xbox 360 arcade. You can get cheap Xbox 360 drives on Amazon, eBay at game stores for very little money, but make sure the Xbox 360 drive is an official Xbox 360 hard drive made by Microsoft since using 3rd-party hard drives could break your Xbox 360, void your warranty, or have you banned from Xbox live.

Accessories for your Xbox 360 - Recommendations for your Xbox 360

Batteries, HD cables, and other accessories I recommend for the Xbox 360 Arcade!

Xbox 360 Wireless Controller - Glossy Black
Xbox 360 Wireless Controller - Glossy Black

Having an extra controller is great for gaming with a friend or family member. The Xbox 360 supports up to 4 player multi-player in some games.


Refurbished Xbox 360 consoles at eBay - When buying a used Xbox 360, it is best to buy one that has been refurbished since it been quality tested.

Refurbished Xbox 360 consoles are usually tested for defects and problems before they are sold to the public, so they are better then pre-owned Xbox 360 which are not quality tested for defects.

Refurbished Xbox 360 are also cheaper then new Xbox 360, and are great if you need a cheap console for gaming, but don't want to buy new because of the higher price tag.

What Can you do with an Xbox 360 console?

How can the Xbox 360 improve your life and make it more entertaining?

1. There are hundreds of great Xbox 360 titles which you can buy at a store, or download from Xbox Live Marketplace which provides hours of entertainment for you.

2. You can use Xbox live or 3 extra controllers to play games with other gamers while talk to them.

3. The Xbox can play DVD, CDs, and media off of your Windows based computer, USB drives, YouTube, or Netflix.

4. With the Xbox Kinect motion controller, you can use your entire body to play games which is great exercise. You can also use the Xbox 360 Kinect to control your Xbox.

5. Xbox 360 now has support for watching your favorite shows with Xbox Live.

6. The Xbox 360 is also capable of displaying games, videos and images in HD if you connect your Xbox 360 via HDMI or HD component cables to your HDTV like a LCD and Plasma TV.

7. The Current Slim Xbox 360 can connect to the internet with a Wired or Wireless Internet Connection. The Fat version of the 360 has a wired networking port, and you need an adapter to connect to the internet via wi-fi or wireledd internet.

8. You can always buy a bigger hard drive like a 250GB hard drive when you need more space for downloadable content, game installs, and saves.

9. It is now possible to save your games to an external USB hard drive or USB flash drive for up to 16GB, so if you run out of space on your 360's hard drive, you can use a flash drive to store some of your downloadable content games, and game saves.

10. You can also use USB flash drive on the 360 to playback video, music, and photo files on the 360.

11. You can also plug in a Keyboard into your 360 USB port to enter text like game cheats, and usernames quicker rather then using the 360 controller to enter text.

Xbox 360 Arcade Unboxing Videos - Watch Xbox 360 Owners Unbox their Xbox 360 Arcade console.

See what is inside of the Xbox 360 Arcade packaging, and what it comes with like the console, controller, video and audio cable, power adapters, and batteries for the controller.

Kinect for Xbox 360 kinect Demo - The Xbox 360 Arcade and all version of the Xbox 360 are compatible with the Kinect motion controller for hands and controller

The Xbox 360 Kinect motion controllers with its webcam, mic, and motion sensors can be used to play Kinect games by moving your hands or feet which means you can get in shape while playing your favorite Xbox 360 Kinect games like Dance Central. You can also use voice and hand gestures to control your Xbox 360 instead of using the controller or a remote to control your Xbox 360.

Xbox 360 Smart Glass
Xbox 360 Smart Glass

New Features for the Xbox 360 in 2012

You can now stream YouTube, browse the Web on the Xbox 360, and stream media from your devices.

The Xbox 360 will have YouTube, and other free and paid streaming services, and let you browse the web with Internet Explorer with Bing to search and browse the web with Microsoft Kinect voice recognition, and motion controls.

Microsoft will also have a SmartGlass App which let you wirelessly connect your Windows, Android and Apple iOS Tablets and Smartphone to your Xbox 360 to stream the internet, media, text, pictures, apps, games, video and audio to and from your Xbox 360.

Xbox 360 250GB for Xbox 360 non-slim version - By owning the Xbox 360 250GB hard drive, you can store more game saves, downloadable content, and install your ga

The Xbox 360 250GB hard drive is a great hard drive for non-slim older Xbox 360. It also comes with a few game demos installed on the hard drive to let you try out games without the need to download and buy them. With the 250GB hard drive for the Xbox 360 Fat version, you can store more game saves, buy more Xbox 360 live games from the online marketplace, and you can also install games on your Xbox 360 for faster load times and quieter gameplay since running your games off of the hard drive is a lot quieter then running them off of the Xbox 360's disc drive.

The Xbox 360 250GB drive also comes with a transfer cable and software needed to transfer your game saves from your 20GB, 60GB, or 120GB Xbox 360 hard drive to your new Xbox 360 250GB drive.

Xbox 360 250GB HardDrive - Xbox Slim Only
Xbox 360 250GB HardDrive - Xbox Slim Only

Buy the Xbox 360 Slim to add more storage to your Xbox 360 4GB Slim Arcade Core Console.


What version of the Xbox 360 do you have? - Vote for your version of the Xbox 360 you own?

Do you own the Arcade, Premium, Elite, 4GB Slim Arcade, or 250GB Slim version of the Xbox 360?

What version of the Xbox 360 you own?

See results

Games I recommend for the Xbox 360 - Games I personally played and recommend for the 360

Great 360 games I own for the Xbox 360, and enjoy playing.

Fable 2 Platinum Hits -Xbox 360
Fable 2 Platinum Hits -Xbox 360

An awesome action RPG game which lets you choose to be good and evil which alters the storyline of the game.

Forza 2 (Platinum Hits)
Forza 2 (Platinum Hits)

Forza 2 is a exciting simulation game which has realistic graphics and gameplay. There are a lot of cars to win, buy, and customize in Forza 2.

Burnout Paradise - Xbox 360
Burnout Paradise - Xbox 360

An exciting racing game which is about racing other players and winning for rewards. It is a racing demolition derby game which takes place in a open word game which lets you freely explore the world looking for challenges.


Xbox 360 Accessory: Xbox 360 Hard drives, Controllers, HD Video Cables, Headset, or Kinect Motion Controlers?

What is your favourite Xbox 360 Accessory?

See results

Xbox 360 Arcade Comments - What are your views on the Xbox 360 Arcade?

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      7 years ago from Liverpool, England

      Useful review and very good personal experience content


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