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xbox 360 headsets

Updated on April 1, 2010

Now there are many types of headsets out there for xbox 360 users, to many for me to go and buy all of them, and to expensive to buy. Now if you have say about 100 bucks or so to buy a new headset for your xbox 360 then read below to see which one best suites you. When choosing a headset it's best to see how well others can hear you on the other side of the mic, and how well you can hear others. A Turtle Beach headset costs a pretty Penny, around 100 bucks new, and around 70-90 on eBay or amazon.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Headset
Microsoft Xbox 360 Headset

Microsoft Xbox 360 Headset

This headset is the first headset that comes with the Xbox 360, which is the first one you usually use if you bought an Xbox 360 with the headset. The Microsoft headset is usually free since it comes with the xbox itself. Now i am cheap so this is the headset i use, but if you want quality sound why'll listening to your friends on xbox then this headset isn't the best. Microsoft headset is a cheap type of headset that Microsoft came up with because i guess they really didn't care for the headset, so they just came up with the simplist one. You can still hear and talk with the headset it's just that it's not quality sound, and it's just not that great. You can probally buy one used for around 10 bucks, and then buy a new one for 20, but then again you shouldn't need to buy one since it all ready comes with the xbox, unless your headset breaks.

Wireless Headset
Wireless Headset

Xbox 360 Wireless Headset

Now the wireless headset, is okay i have used it, but it just seems to me like the wired Microsoft headset, expect this one is wireless. They say that the wireless headset losses connection while they are playing game, but i wouldn'tknow if that's true or not, but that's what others say. The headset will work up to 30 feet away from the xbox console, and it has up to 8 hours of use until the battery dies. It comes with a ac adapter that plugs into the wall so that you can charge it. You can change the volume by a push of a button on the side of the headset, and has 4 led lights on the side to signal how many users are using the wireless headset. The volume is higher on the wireless headset rather than the wired one. This headset could cost up to 50 bucks, but around 30-40 used on ebay or other places. 

turtle on a beach
turtle on a beach

Turtle Beach Headsets

 The following headsets are from Turtle Beach which makes some of the best headsets for xbox 360 users and pc users.  There aren't cheap these headsets can range from 20 to even 100 plus dollars, but they are worth it.

Ear Force XLC
Ear Force XLC

Ear Force XLC

Theis is pobally the first of the turtle beach headsets which makes it the cheapest. Now in the picture it looks cheaper, since there's not much padding on top, and the headset itself isn't big enough which means not that great of a sound. Either way this headset would be better than the Microsoft headset, so it's worth buying, if you are cheap, never mind let's not say cheap but say if your on a budget. If your on a budget og less than 30 bucks than the XLC are worth buying, because ther better than the original headphones you got with the xbox 360. They cost aroun 20-30 new, and around less than 20 used.

Turtle Beach Ear Force X1
Turtle Beach Ear Force X1

Ear Force X1

Turtle Beach headsets are probally the greatest headsets you can buy for the xbox 360. But keep in mind that they are not cheap and are meant for professional gamers, as well us normal game players. The Ear Force X1 headset is the first from Turtle Beach, so it's cheap then the other ones out there. The X1 goes over your head and has padded comfort on top for your head, and it comes with wires that you have to plug into your tv and xbox controller. It's got better sound than the ones that Microsoft came up with, but it's not wireless. The price for this pretty looking headset is about 60 bucks new, and around 40 to 50 for a used one, but either way headsets aren't cheap, but then again when was the last time anything was cheap.


Ear Force X11

Every Turtle Beach headset that i talk about will be better than the other one i finished talking about, because a company has to come out with something better and more expensive so that people buy it. When Turtle Beach comes out with a new headset the other one that came out first drops in price and the new one goes up, and then the process goes on and on. People buy the new one that comes out, and by the time you know it you have around 10 different headsets laying around in your house. But anyway this headset isn't great but isn't bad , so if you have around 60-80 bucks laying around and want a new headset then choose this one, for your xbox 360.


Ear Force X31

 Again a better headset than the one above, but now these are the headsets that get more expensive, around 70 to 90. Apparently you need 2 AAA batteries to use the headset, and it do come when you buy the headset. It would be best if you buy rechargeable batteries or something below lines, so you don't constalybuy, and buy batteries. They look comfortable when you look at them, and probably are. There is better sound quality and you can hear better when your team mates talk to you on xbox live.


Ear Force X41

 Now with these other headset, which looks like the same like the others one above, but supposally it's got better sound. I really doubt that every new headset has better sound than the other, but i guess big companies won't lie about things that cost 160 to 200 bucks. The X41 headset can be bought at best buy for around 200 bucks, but you can probally find it around 160 used. If you are into the sound quality why'll on xbox live, then this is the next step for you.


Tritton AX180

Tritton headsets look cooler, and look as if they fit perfect on my ears, so they look comfortable. It comes with it's mic, and you can remove the mic if you are listening to something else, and don't want to talk to your friends on xbox live, or if you don't have any. It comes with a usb cord so that you can connect it to your PC. This nice looking headset Price's around 60 to 80, but i think on amazon it's priced at 74.99, plus shipping which i don't like to pay.


Titton AX720

 This one looks better with the silver color, and it to costs a lot of money. It costs a lot more than the AX180 about 130 new, and 120-130 used, there a pretty good headset. It comes with all the some features as the AX180 but 10 times better, and 10 times the price. The bad part of the headset is that the usb cord doesn't reach that far, but doesn't really matter since your going to be on xbox live talking to your friends, and they'll hear you perfect like your standing right next to them.

To much stuff no case, AXPro
To much stuff no case, AXPro

Tritton AXPro

 The pro sounds way better than all the other headsets out there, it's just the name seems perfect. Pro sounds proffesaional, but htis headset all pro, and worth buying, i don't think so. Sure the name sounds good, but the mic doesn't adjust well, and there's  a lot of static when attached to xbox live. Another fault is that there's a lot of cords, and no carry on case ot hold everything in. The headset does have better than sound quality than the other headsets, and is more comfertable than others, but everything comes at a price, about 170 to 180 kisses(dollars).

Which One

Which Headset would you buy?

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    • zickr profile image


      7 years ago from Malaysia

      Very complete gaming headset review. Nice share

    • Eddy2106 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Chicago Suburb, IL

      Justin thanks for the comment.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      this was interesting good review

    • Eddy2106 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Chicago Suburb, IL

      prasetio30, thanks for the comment

    • prasetio30 profile image


      8 years ago from malang-indonesia

      Nice review. I am glad to read this hub.

    • Eddy2106 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Chicago Suburb, IL

      d-b-ggaming i'm with you one that one, but it comes with the xbox so i save myself money so that i don't have to go out and buy a new headset, but i'm a cheap person so it all depends how much you got and are willing to spend.

      Thanks for the comment.

    • d-b-ggaming profile image


      8 years ago from The land of the living

      Very informative! I have to say the regular ones are so horrible i hate having them... their flemsy and distorted, quite frankly a waste of money!

    • Eddy2106 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Chicago Suburb, IL

      Rebecca E. Thanks for commenting, and thanks for my requested hub.

    • Rebecca E. profile image

      Rebecca E. 

      8 years ago from Canada

      Very interesting I'll think of this hubs next time I play on an Xbox.

      PS your requested hub is now published.


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