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How Much Does Xbox 360 Red Ring Repair Cost? Is Xbox 360 Red Ring Repair Kit a Good Option?

Updated on May 23, 2011

Xbox 360 Red Ring Cost & Repair

You love your Xbox 360 device and cannot do without it for a single day. So, when your Xbox 360 suffers from a red ring of death, what options do you have to continue gaming? You could either have your Xbox repaired or get a new one. We look to discuss both these alternatives in detail and how a red ring repair kit could help the cause, right here in this discussion.

Should You Have Your Xbox 30 Repaired?

Now that your Xbox has a problem, you obviously need to get your Xbox 360 back to normal and running. However, an important question to be asked here is how much does an Xbox 360 red ring repair cost? An average cost for the same is about 150$. This is certainly a lot of money. Some may afford it and some may not. Those who afford it blow up the money to a third party for the repair and others virtually stop gaming. However, the idea is not to stop gaming, but smartly solve the problem.

Should You Buy A New Xbox?

If you can afford it and do not want to put in any efforts solving the red ring problem, you may well go ahead and buy a new one. A new Xbox costs starting 180$ and goes up to 390$ or more. Although buying a new one than spending 150$ for repair could be a sensible option, there has to be a much better option around. However, spending 150$ for the repair or even buying a new Xbox may not be a suitable option for everyone.

How About Xbox 360 Red Ring Repair Kit?

An Xbox 360 red ring repair kit could be the best solution to the problem. With this kit, you can easily save lots of money as well as fix your Xbox problem with precision. Although there are many kits available on the internet, not all of them are useful. You need to ensure that the kit solves your problem. Only if the guidelines and instructions in the kit are well explained and accurately represented, is the kit of any use to you.

So how could you find the best kit for yourself? Well, the first thing that you must know is that nothing comes for free and the same applies to a good Xbox 360 red ring repair kit. Most of the free kits out there make absolutely no sense. At the same time, you would not need to pay more than 30$ to get the useful kit you were looking for.

More About Xbox 360 Red Ring Repair Kit - There are many factors to consider when buying a repair kit, and you must consider all of them. There is no use adding insult to injury by blowing up even more money only to experience disappointment. At the same time, a good kit can save many dollars as it provides easy to follow instructions. There is a lot of information on the internet to learn more about the xbox 360 red ring repair kit. With this kit, you could actually fix the red ring issue in about 90 minutes or less.


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