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XCOM Enemy Unknown Alien Base Assault

Updated on January 13, 2014

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Capture the Sectoid Commander

XCOM: Enemy Unknown capture the sectoid commander when the squad members assault the alien base.
XCOM: Enemy Unknown capture the sectoid commander when the squad members assault the alien base.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Assault the Alien Base

In XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the squad is tasked to assault the alien base. To get into the alien base, the xcom engineering team needs to construct the skeleton key. This requires 16 engineers, so grab those engineers whenever alien abduction site missions become available. Scan for alien activity and then complete the mission for additional engineers. As the xcom squad assaults the base and advances further into the base, the team will encounter two difficult points within the base - facing the assault of multiple chrysalids which will likely cause one or more of the squad members to become KIA. The other difficult point is how to avoid putting down one's teammates when he or she is mind-controlled by the sectoid commander. This will guide the xcom squad on how to navigate these two difficult points, capture the sectoid commander and complete the assault the alien base mission without losing anyone.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Defeat the Chrysalids in the Alien Base

The chrysalids are gathered in a dark area within the alien base. There, they wait to surround and pounce on the squad members. To defeat the chrysalids without losing anyone, the following preparations and tactics should be observed -

  • make sure there are six squad members (upgrade within the training officer school is needed).
  • one of the squad members has the three medi-kit ability.
  • one of the squad members is a heavy squad member with the shredder rockets ability.
  • position the majority of the squad members in one line behind cover, set them on overwatch.
  • position one of the squad members as decoy or bait to lure the chrysalids up to the assault zone.
  • as the chrysalids climb up to surround the bait, they will be destroyed by the overwatching squad members.
  • use one of the heavy soldiers to blast off the chrysalids with the shredder rocket.
  • defeat the remaining chrysalids
  • avoid the chrysalids being surrounding one of the squad members and defeating them.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Capture the Sectoid Commander

The sectoid commander is the final boss within the alien base. It is surrounded by droids. To capture the sectoid commander, make sure one of the squad members has the arc thrower. Position the squad members in a hexagon like manner in the area above the sectoid commander. Make the sniper hero the central assault point. Use the sniper soldier or another soldier to reduce the sectoid commander's health to 3 or less. Defeat the droids.

Now, use one of the squad members to distract and allow the sectoid commander to mind control that member. Use the soldier with the arc thrower to dash, flank and then defeat the sectoid commander by capturing it.

Return to the XCOM base for a celebration, as the XCOM team strikes a blow into the as yet unknown enemy.


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