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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Begins With Operation Devil's Moon

Updated on October 16, 2012

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

XCOM: Enemy Unknown begins with a basic philosophy about life in the universe.
XCOM: Enemy Unknown begins with a basic philosophy about life in the universe.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Begins

In XCOM: enemy unknown, the unknown enemy has landed, and the first xcom squadron is sent to investigate this alien force. XCOM: enemy unknown is a throwback to the tactical strategy genre (much forgotten but truly one of the great genre of all time) and the tactics are now visualized in 3d. This will guide the beginner commander on how to deploy his squadron members to achieve maximal firepower and damage against the alien enemies. For the veteran commander, there is no need for guidance, and the commander may still be stuck in a vortex of nostalgia that this much enjoyed tactical genre is finally back in the 21st century.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Operation Devil's Moon

In XCOM: Enemy Unknown First Mission Operation Devil's Moon, the squadron arrives in Berlin to investigate the mysterious alien device and the chaos here. In tactical combat mode, each character is given two actions per turn. For example, he can move and attack the alien. The squad member can also dash to cover a longer distance but he uses up two action points in a dash movement. Watch the action as the XCOM squadron takes out the alien invaders.

XCOM Headquarter and Sections

On successful completion of the mission, the squadron can collect alien body parts and technology fragments. These can be used in research to better understand alien technology and physiology. This will translate to higher damage against aliens, better weapons and tougher shields and armor, etc. The research facility is housed within XCOM headquarters and the commander can choose the location of the headquarters within North America, Europe and so on. Each location gives a different advantage to the XCOM headquarters.

Within XCOM headquarters, there are other facilities and they are engaged in different activities which will increase the strength of the XCOM task force. The commander has a say in which specific activity each facility is currently engaged in -

  • Engineering - increase the number of structures and improve on the structures. For example in later missions, engineering can build alien containment units provided there is enough funding and raw materials available.
  • Mission control and situation room - these issue missions and use satellites to monitor alien activity. The more satellites there are, the more funding the XCOM team gets. In addition, the council is always watching and sometimes gives out missions.
  • Barracks - allows for recruitment and promotion of soldiers within squadrons. Each promotion unlocks skill sets and more powerful skills for the soldiers, and grants specializations for the soldiers.
  • Hangar - houses the different aircrafts for the XCOM team.

With these soldiers and facilities, go forth and discover the truth behind XCOM: enemy unknown.


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