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XCOM Enemy Unknown Intercept and Assault Overseer UFO

Updated on November 1, 2012

XCOM Enemy Unknown Intercept Overseer UFO

XCOM Enemy Unknown Intercept Overseer UFO with Firestorm
XCOM Enemy Unknown Intercept Overseer UFO with Firestorm

XCOM Enemy Unknown Intercept and Assault Overseer UFO

In XCOM Enemy Unknown, the xcom team must intercept and assault the overseer UFO. This is necessary to advance in the main objectives of the xcom storyline. This will guide the xcom team on how to build a good enough Firestorm type interceptor to put down the overseer UFO. And then command the xcom team to enter the crashed overseer UFO and eliminate the overseer alien using different squad member specialists and tactics.

Intercept the Overseer UFO

The xcom team will start with the interceptor class plane fighter. The interceptor is adequate for shooting down the smaller type UFOs, but against the overseer UFO, it is simply hopeless. Either it will be destroyed or heavily damaged. The only solution is to capture enough alien robotic parts to construct the Firestorm class interceptors.

Then head over to the mission control, and then scan for UFO activity. When the larger UFO is identified, send the Firestorm against it. The Firestorm will also be downed by the overseer UFO. The xcom team realizes that the Firestorm itself is not the solution to the overseer UFO. The engineering team has to construct the plasma cannon and other delaying devices to allow the Firestorm sufficient firepower and enough time to damage the overseer UFO to the point where it will crash.

Then it's time to assault the overseer UFO.

Assault the Overseer UFO

The Overseer UFO contains the alien overseer and the hyperrelay terminal that the xcom team needs to scan for larger and more stealthy UFOS. However, an assault against the overseer UFO is difficult because of the types of powerful alien enemies that now start emerging. The xcom team must bring the right squad members and specialists into the fight.

The powerful aliens include -

  • the elite muton - these have large numbers of hit points and can create large amounts of critical hits, taking down the commander's favourite xcom sqaud member in one shot.
  • the giant robot guarded by two drones - this robot has two attacks in one turn and this attack includes a blind missile attack and a large alloy gun attack. These consecutive attacks can down a squad member easily. The drones can repair the robot and also damage the squad members.
  • the overseer - the more powerful mind controlling version of the sectoid commander. The overseer has more health points and a shield defection move that repel xcom team attacks.

The tactics used to defeat these powerful aliens are quite simple - do not let them attack. So position your sniper squad specialist to overwatch and take them out when they move. Use a SHIV machine to lure these enemies out into the open. The SHIV machines can be lost, but it's better than losing a well trained squad member. When the giant robot is in sight, take it down straight away with multiple strikes from assault specialists and double firing or rocket launches from heavy specialists. And do not let the overseer use the mind control. Use one or two assault specialists to take it down as soon as it is sighted.

With the successful assault of the Overseer UFO, it's time to construct the psi armor and structure.


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