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XCOM Enemy Unknown Soldier Ability Upgrade

Updated on October 25, 2012

XCOM Enemy Unknown Soldier Upgrade Ability

XCOM Enemy Unknown Heavy Class Soldier
XCOM Enemy Unknown Heavy Class Soldier

XCOM Enemy Unknown Soldier Ability Upgrade

In XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the squad members for various missions will consist mostly of humans. These human soldiers have abilities which enhance their combat capabilities. Each ability of the soldier allows for some special attack, defence or special move in combat. As the soldier defeats more enemies, he will advance in level and will be able to purchase upgrade in each ability. Choose between two abilities each time when the officer advances. This will provide a brief guide and synopsis on the upgrade available on the abilities for each class of soldier.

XCOM Enemy Unknown Heavy Class Soldier Ability Upgrade

The heavy class soldier unlocks the ability to use the powerful rocket launcher as he or she levels up. The rocket launcher is a life saver (for the squad) as it can annihilate the enemy aliens before they can react. These can be used to eliminate large groups of chrysalids before they attack, or take out the mutons before they can launch their own heavy attacks. There are various types of rocket launchers, the one solitary rocket launcher or the multiple area attacks shredder rocket. As the heavy class soldier improves, he or she will also be able to fire more than once per turn. This is again an absolute must for the stubborn alien who refuses to die. Or if the squad member misses one shot, then he gets another one to eliminate the alien before it eliminates a well trained squad member.

XCOM Enemy Unknown Assault Class Soldier Ability Upgrade

The assault class soldier knows no fear and fears no death. Her special ability is to “run and gun”. When activated, this ability allows the assault class soldier to dash in (covers a lot of distance) and then launch a shotgun or scatter laser shot at close range, conveying a 100% or close to 100% chance of hitting. The alien is eliminated. Imagine a situation where the alien is to be captured – one assault squad soldier runs in to activate the arc thrower, and fails. The other assault squad soldier runs in “run and gun” style and blasts the alien to oblivion.

The assault squad solider’s ability to run deep into enemy lines also exposes him to being attacked by enemies. Also support the assault squad solider with a support medic class soldier to prevent the early demise of the assault class soldier and the continued upgrade and creation of the ultimate assault class soldier.

XCOM Enemy Unknown Sniper Class Soldier

When upclose combat fails, there is always the sniper class soldier far behind friendly lines to create headshots and take down the enemies from far. Use SCOPE upgrade and powerful laser sniper weapons to enhance the ability of the sniper class soldier.


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