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X Men Apocalypse Movie Action Figures

Updated on June 4, 2016

Welcome to the X Men Apocalypse Movie Action Figures hub page. This hub aims to provide a short summary of the 2016 film, review as well as to showcase some of the amazing action figures linked to the film, I hope that anyone looking for gift ideas but do not know much about the film will find this hub useful. This hub is the third iteration of style of hubs i have written over the years on movie action figures and collectible which i hope to refine and improve on, as such if this hub has been helpful please comment below or follow my profile.

This is a hub in progress and i will update it with other cool action figures as they are released.

X Men Apocalypse The Movie 2016

XMen Apocalypse is the third installment in the rebooted young XMen trilogy following, XMen First Class and Xmen Days of Future Past. It story tells the origins of one of Xmen's most feared enemies, Apocalypse and his resurrection in modern times.

Plot: Since the days of Egypt Apocalypse has been worshiped as a god, being the first and most powerful mutant in the world. Upon awakening after thousands of years hibernation he is disillusioned with the world and recruits a team of powerful mutants which he calls the four horsemen to cleanse the earth and create a new civilization to rule. But this time the X-men are he to stop Apocalypse rise to power and save mankind from complete annihilation.

I have always been a big fan of the XMen since their cartoons as well as the movies and have eagerly awaited their films and with XMen Apocalypse it was no different. Directed by Bryan Singer this will probability be his last Xmen film he will be making along with an version of "Old man Logan" the upcoming Wolverine film. This third film in the series brings back old characters from XMen Days of Future Past as well as introduce new characters to pass on the torch to the younger actors rebooting the franchise. Without giving the film away too much one of the most noticeable character in X Men Apocalypse was Quicksilver who provided a comical element to the story over its much darker tone and story line. And for those who have not seen the film yet there is a post credit scene which sets up the next film. This is another great Xmen movie and good follow up from Xmen Days of Future Past.

Below is the official trailer for X Men Apocalypse and for a more detailed look at the movie a non spoiler review as well.

Cast your vote for X Men Apocalypse

X Men Apocalpse Offical Trailer 20th Century Fox

X-Men Apocalypse No Spoilers Movie Review

X-Men LEGO Mini Figurines - Gambit


In addition to regular 6 inch action figures now you can get LEGO mini figurines. i first came across these a few years ago with Harry Potter versions and little did i know they have become collectibles too in some circles. Now with the new XMen Apocalypse just released you can get their LEGO mini action figures. They come on a number of characters and sets, each with there individual accessories or weaponry. Like all LEGO figures these guys are quite small at 4.5cm and suitable for kids from 3 years old and up. In some cases individual have even made there own customized the figures. This set makes a great inexpensive gift for children or a fan for their collection. A look at some of the available min figures can be found in the video below.

LEGO X Men Mini Figures Overview

New Kotobukiya Marvel Now Wolverine ArtFX+ 1/10 Scale Statue

Now with the release of the new X-Men Apocalypse, Leading Japanese statue manufacturer Kotobukiya revealed the first look at the new Wolverine ArtFX+ 1/10 Scale statue based on the Comic's Marvel Now at the New York 2016 toy fair earlier this year. This statue of Wolverine with his fully extended claws stands at 7.3 inches tall or 18.5cm and is sculpted based on an illustration by Adi Granov drawn exclusively for Kotobukiya. Wolverine's look and costume is recreated in great detail and posed in a dynamic combat stance in his black and yellow uniform,straight out of Marvel Now.

The ArtFX+ Wolverine was sculpted by Junnosuke Abe who also was responsible for the Kotobukiya Avenger's series of ArtFx+ statues. Wolverine also features magnetised feet to hold him to his base and joins the previously X-men released in the ArtFx+ series including Rogue, Emma Frost, Cyclops, Beast, Magik, and Magneto. unfortunately this amazing Wolverine statue only on pre-order and will be released in September and just in time for Christmas. At $59 this is a steal and will sure go fast.

The first looks at Koto's ArtFX Black and Yellow Wolverine Statue

Sideshow Collectible's Exclusive Giant 32 inches Apocalypse Statue


Finally, we can not write a hub about Xmen Apocalypse without highlighting a Apocalypse action figure itself and this is the grand daddy of figure. Not exactly a action figure but this Sideshow Limited Edition Apocalypse is one of the most impressive Xmen statues around, Its an impressive 30 inches tall and weights 35 pounds. That is huge since most statues of this nature are only around 10 inches.

Actual size are 32.25" H (819.15mm) x 19.5" W (495.3mm) x 12" L (304.8mm)

And besides the sheer size of this figure the most unique feature of this Apocalypse is that it includes an exchangeable chainsaw hand or arm which is very detailed and impressive, in addition to a Canon arm. A feature which fans love and made this version on Apocalypse much sort after. Other details include a detailed sculpt and very good paint works, In all Apocalypse metal parts of his body the paint is a shiny metallic finish and give a good realness to the statue. The base is also no different with a metal and spaceship looking appearance. Unfortunately this statue has not electronics which would have made it cool. As with all sideshow statues assembly is a made easy with its snap and fit system. An unboxing of this amazing Xmen statue is provided below and highlights each feature and detail well.

Apocalypse Chain Saw Arm

Apocalypse's exclusive chainsaw arm
Apocalypse's exclusive chainsaw arm | Source


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