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you want to play games with me?is that what you are doing?playing games with me?

Updated on July 10, 2009

video games

you remember pong?that was the first video game I ever had.I use to spend hours bouncing that computerized dot back and forth across the screen.Had fun.then came Atari favorite game on Atari was asteroids,couldn't get enough.then came the Atari 5200.I went nuts over it loved playing jungle hunt,joust,and pitfall and PAC-man.Little did I know that Nintendo was right around the corner,me and my friends was in high school by this time,and was immediately addicted to tecmo bowl,actuallyplayed entire seasons,those was the good ole days.In my life I have seen the complete evolution of games from the beginning till now from defender to halo,games are getting better and more imaginative by the year.But the holy grail of video consoles to me is the PlayStation,the PlayStation brought the arcade to the living rooms of America.the PlayStation put the arcades out of business.I remember the first time I got a PlayStation,way back,the first game I bought was Tekken.It was on a Friday night and this was the dogs night out,Friday night just got paid time to have some fun.I was preparing to hit the night scene,me and my girlfriend had just split,so tonight I was going out.My wing man came over and we was sitting getting our gage on killing time until the club opened up,he looked over on the floor next to the T.V. and said "what's that?" pointing at the play station.I said"  that's  the new PlayStation" and so with a couple of hours to kill I hooked up the PlayStation slid the tekken game end handed my homie the joystick and by the time we finished playing that game it was eight o'clock the following morning we was drunk and stoned and still managed to play another two hours before calling it quits.with our brand new club clothes that we was supposed to wear to the club and put our mack down,instead we put our mack down on tekken playing every single character over and over again for twelve hours.That was the first time I played  tekken.been a fan ever since.


I'm a gamer,but I'm not the type of guy who can play by myself.I need direct feedback,I can't get satisfaction in playing against a computer,Artificial intelligence or not it's boring for me to play by myself.I like the thrill of victory,you know what I'm saying?when you can look to your right and see the look in your opponents eyes,after you have totally crushed him,I even like losing,get's   me fired up so when next time we meet on the field of battle I'm going to bring the pain, break out some new strategies and snatch the crown right off your head.My favorite games are halo,tekken,mortal combat,NBA live,James bond,and john madden.I like playing smash mouth football,being behind the entire game,and then in the last quarter put together a scoring drive and come out on top in the very end.I like to feel the intensity of the other player(I call them victims)when they finally get that rematch because I know what their thinking they are thinking "O.K. he won last time but this time I'm going to pound him into the ground!" I like chasing my "prey" all over the stage in halo when they know that I only need a couple of more kills and it's game over.I love popping out three's on NBA live to completely blow out my opponent.I love it.I really enjoy grinding some one's head into the ground on tekken.I love showing my "fighting skills" letting it be known that I've mastered everybody on tekken,so who ever you come with it doesn't matter because I have someone for them.I love running across some one I can't beat in tekken and they force me to pull out my secret weapon,you know,that one character that when comes down to absolutely winning that you pull out the closet,after you have played with everyone else.That one character that you never lose with,and if you do lose,that's when you give the other guy his props.You know what I'm talking about if you play tekken everybody has that one character.Video games have come a very long way since I was a kid.I'm still playing,and probably will be playing when I'm old and gray,no make that I will still be playing when I'm old and grey.Peace,I'm Audi 5000.


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    • bill yon profile image

      bill yon 8 years ago from sourcewall

      yeah video games are good for hand eye cordination.i never could understand why women didn't like to play video games,video games can be alot of fun,especially at parties and small get togethors.

    • Dolores Monet profile image

      Dolores Monet 8 years ago from East Coast, United States

      Bill, us old gals often looks at video games as a total waste of time. But I heard about a study some time ago. They were looking at doctors who performed those intricate techno surgeries (can't remember what they are called)and were wondering why certain young doctors performed them so quickly and so much better than others. Turned out those high performing doctors played video games!