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WebKinz Zumbuddy - What is a Zumbuddy?

Updated on October 26, 2011

What is the Webkinz World?

The Zumbuddy is one of the latest Webkinz plush pet toy you can adopt from the Webkinz World!

What is Webkinz World?

Webkinz world, is an exciting online friendly and educational community where plush pet toys like Zumbuddies can come to life.

How Does Webkinz World Works?

  1. Purchase a Plush toy which comes with a secret code.
  2. Enter your secret code in the Webkinz world and then Pick a name for your new adopt pet and enter if its a male of female.
  3. After adoption of your pet you will be shown to your pet's room.
  4. To start with you will be given 2000 Kinz cash where you redecorate your room, buy furniture, purchase clothes, food etc. for your pet from the WShop.
  5. Now is the time for you to see what a great baby sitter you are! At this time your pet is fully reliant upon you to take care of it.
  6. There are happy, health, hungry meters that let you know how your pet is doing. In order to keep the meters high you need to feed your pet, let it exercise and play.
  7. There are so much to do in Webkinz World for kids, you can test your knowledge in Quizzies corner for all ages and earn Kinz cash, you can also earn more Kinz cash by playing games in the Arcade.
  8. At the Webkinz World there are daily activities, weekly contest and you can even chat with friends using Kinz Chat.

Now Are You Ready To Be A Zumbuddy Baby Sitter?

Here's How?

First you purchase the Zumbuddy you like, it comes with a secret code, enter the secret Code from your Zumbuddy plush toy to unlock the magnificent world of of Zumwhere!

After you enter the code you will now be able to enter the interactive playroom and be able to Zummies by feeding your Zumbuddies food and toys from the ZShop.

To learn more about WebKinz Zumbuddy and its many features check out the video below!

So get in on all the fun with Zumbuddy plush toys!

Where can I find Zumbuddy? Right here!

Just take a scroll below and see which Zumbuddy you'd like to Adopt today!


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