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Alzheimer's Disease the Silent Killer.

Updated on April 16, 2017

Alzheimer's is a deadly and wide spreading disease.This disorder slowly destroys your memory and ability to carry out simplest tasks .Studies show that Alzheimer's is ranked 6th for causing death in United states but recent estimates show that it can be ranked 3rd just behind heart disease and cancer.The symptoms of this disease start to appear in mid- 60s.Some recent estimates show that about 5 million people in America have Alzheimer's which is really a great number.This disease start to appear slowly and grow without letting you notice it and scientists say that the toxic changes in brain start before a decade or more before the appearance of its symptoms so thats why it is a silent deadly killer.

Changes in the brain during Alzheimer's- This disease simply destroys the person's memory and ability to perform simple tasks and it may lead to dementia which is the loss of cognitive functioning and the reason behind that is the formation of toxic plaques or oligomers in the victim's brain due to misfolding of several proteins such as Tau protein and amyloid β-peptide.The initial damage starts in the hippocampus which is the center of forming memories and with some initial damage of neurons brain starts to shrink and in the final stage it has totally shrunk.

Causes of Alzheimer's

Actually the real cause behind this disorder is still not there but here are some of the possibilities which are believed to cause Alzheimer's-

1. Amyloid β-peptide is one of the most believed reason for causing Alzheimer's.This peptide is one of the main component of the toxic plaques found in the brain of a patient with Alzheimer's.The aggregation of this peptide leads to its misfolding and causing the formation of toxic oligomers or plaques.

2.A gene with apolipoprotien E increases the risk of Alzheimer's.This gene forms the apolipoprotein which have high avidity and specific binding with amyloid β-peptide hence it is also a factor for causing formation of the toxic plaques.

3.Having Alzheimer's in family history can increase the risk of Alzheimer's.

4. Increasing age can be another factor as it is more among aged people.

Stages of Alzheimer's

There are three stages in Alzheimer's.

1.Mild stage- This stage starts with little memory loss and including forgetting to pay bills,wandering,repeated questioning etc.

2.Moderate stage-In this stage people face the increased problem with their memory .In this stage damage to the parts with cognitive functioning take place.People are unable to recognize their family members and their friends they also have problem with learning new things .

3.Severe stage-It is the final stage and in this stage plaques spread throughout the brain leading to shrinking of brain cells .In this stage people are unable to communicate their body shuts down and stop functioning ultimately leading to death.

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The role of genetics in Alzheimer's

Genetics have a very significant role in developing Alzheimer's .Most of people have actually the late onset of this disease and the symptoms become apparent in mid-60s.The apolipoprotein E gene is one of the most important gene involved in thus disease .This gene have several forms among which the APOE ε4 increases the risk of any individual to develop this disorder.But this doesn't mean that a person with this gene will definitely develop Alzheimer's people without this gene also develop this disorder.

People with down syndrome have more chances to meet this disease as they have an extra copy of chromosome 21 which have the gene which generates the toxic amyloids.

The early onset familial Alzheimer's- As I mentioned above that most of the people have late onset of this disease and it shows its symptoms in mid-60s but about 5% of people have early onset of this disease in which symptoms become apparent between 30s to 60s which occur due to change in the gene APOE.This type of Alzheimer's is known as early onset familial Alzheimer's.

Possible preventions

Cure for this disease is still not there.But there are ways to slow down this disease.Here are some of the preventions-

1.Having a very healthy life style-one should have a very healthy life style you should keep your health up to date and eat healthy food and exercise daily and you should give time to develop your brain skills.

2.Having good social life- Having a good social life have a great impact on our mental health people who don't have a good social live with more stress and which affect our mental health.So make more and more friends and build you social life.

3.Meditation- It is very important to meditate as our brain is just like a muscle when we exercise our muscles develop and just like muscles our brain also requires exercise and meditation is a very healthy and good exercise for our brain.

Alzheimer's is a very dangerous and fatal disease .It is a silent killer it kills you without letting you notice it .In today's world it is spreading all over the globe and in order to keep yourself safe and sound you should adapt a good and healthy living style.Meditate daily,have good eating habits , build your social life these are the ways which i can suggest you to be safe from this silent killer.


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    • Gaurav Oberoi profile image

      gaurav oberoi 

      20 months ago

      Another great hub. Keep writing such informative hubs Ricky Raj. We all can gain so much from your hubs.


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