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Baton Rouge Speech Therapy

Updated on September 19, 2012

Speech Therapy and its uses

If you have concerns regarding your speech or your childs speech its worth considering your options. If its a problem with pronounciation of a letter or a stutter you could consider requesting an evaluation from a certified speech therapist. Speech language therapy can help treat children and adults with speech and language disorders.

A speech disorder is a problem with creating sounds, a language disorder is a problem with putting words together to form sentences.

Speech Disorders are:

  1. Fluency Disorders, these are problems such as stuttering or prolonging sounds of letters.
  2. Articulation Disorders, problems producing sound or saying words incorrectly.
  3. Resonance Disorders, problems with the volume, pitch or quality of the voice
  4. Dysphagia, problems with eating, drooling and swallowing.

Language Disorders are:

  1. Expressive Disorders, problems with putting words together, a limited vocabulary
  2. Receptive Disorders, problems understanding language.

Speech Therapists

A Speech Therapist will assess and treat all types of speech and Languate disorders. The methods they use will depend on the speech disorder.

Speech therapy is done one to one dealing with the specific issues for each client.

Some treatments are:

Articulation therapy - exercises designed to improve and correct the pronounciation of particular sounds.

Language activities - using techniques and exercises to improve speech and language skills.

Oral feeding and swallowing therapy - Using oral exercises to strengthen the mouth muscles.

Reasons for Speech Therapy

Some causes of speech and language therapy are:



Weak oral muscles

developmental delays

hearing impairment

birth defects

brain trauma

motor problems

speech delay in children

If you believe you or your child has a speech disorder, request an assessment as soon as possible to treat the disorder. Young children can be treated effectively and quickly.

Finding a good speech Therapist

Ensure your speech therapist is certified by ASHA and has successfully completed a supervised clinical fellowship. Request a referral from your doctor or local school, they will be able to provide you with details of a good therapist.

A good therapist in Baton rouge are Baton Rouge Speech Therapy

speech therapy

Have you considered speech therapy?

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    • catherine2255 profile image

      catherine2255 5 years ago from Wales

      My son needs speech therapy too, he has a stutter and articulation issues, its good to learn how this is treated

    • Thundermama profile image

      Catherine Taylor 5 years ago from Canada

      Interesting hub. I have a daughter in speech therapy and this hub helped me to better understand what areas she is working on.