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Ever-Flowing Streams: Tapping Into Healing Energy by Dana Taylor

Updated on January 31, 2013

This is a beautifully written journey about self-discovery, seeking knowledge, daring to experience new ideas, thoughts, and concepts.

What I truly loved about this eBook is how the author is able to bridge her beliefs with new ideas. Instead of discarding Christ she is able to bridge the two worlds of Christianity and Reiki. She acknowledges and comes to the conclusion that just maybe they have a few similarities which are well worth exploring and maybe some of the dividing factors are words or interpretations which can be quite similar at times.

Her journey is used to teach, to guide, and to give understanding to others and to herself. I love how she also quotes book that have been detrimental to her learning experiences and I look forward to finding some of those books in the future.

I cringed when someone at her church asked her husband, "How does it feel to be married to a witch?" She was shocked. How does prayer make one a witch? How does "laying on hands" which clearly states in the Bible, Christ has done make one a witch? Does that make Christ a witch?

Do you think in this day an age would Christ still be called a witch by some?

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Her chapter regarding whole food nutrition and taking isolated supplements, vitamins left me with a smile. Could we not just eat the right foods? Could we not just take the time to prepare foods for ourselves without reaching for processed foods? I am definitely guilty of having Pop Tarts in my cabinets and have been struggling to not have them. I can not say that yes, tomorrow I will no longer have my Pop Tarts in my cabinets but it made me think about nutrition, about eating healthier and understanding that eating healthier will allow my body to heal quicker, faster, and function better.

When she quoted Richard Gordon "No one can really heal anyone else. The person in need of healing is the healer. The practitioner simply holds a resonance to allow the body to heal itself." I smiled, I giggled, and I am going to be looking for books writing by Richard Gordon.

What completely blew me away in her eBook was also a statement, a phrase, a small prayer of sorts which she sent towards someone in her past. "I forgive you, for the past, for the future, forever." I am all about finding peace, joy, and forgiveness. Her words, "for the future". This is even, I feel another level of forgiveness which I need to explore for my own personal development and journey.

Forgive the past and forgive the future; it leaves me with so much to think about.

I enjoyed reading this eBook and find it to be a treasure to have.

She covers more topics which some might find controversial, but it is done in a gentle way which allows one to not have to immediately get their defenses up, which leads to a positive and constructive learning environment. It allows one to open ones mind to new ideas without worrying about having to take a stand and defend one side or the other. Quite refreshing indeed.


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