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Updated on July 26, 2011

With the rise in wellness industry and its growth by 35% one can very easily interpret that awareness about the holistic health and belief on preventive actions and alternative therapies is increased and well established in the minds of Consumers. This interpretation is also well supported by the fact that during recession except security industry, it was only wellness industry that was performing well and was still growing.

But wait, does this really mean that we are growing healthier, is that extra fat on our belly really decreasing?, Are those cholesterol and sugar problems are getting reduced and will very soon be eradicated. If the answer is NO, then it is followed by another question with a big pause to think and introspect that – is holistic health just a buzzword created by wellness professionals and our whims and fancies. Are we really doing anything to take care of ourselves? Remember we can excite our taste buds just by thinking about the burgers and pizzas, but we can relish the same only by actually having it. Similarly we can create a lot of feel good factor by thinking and discussing about holistic health and healthy lifestyle, but we can only get the advantage of same by adopting the rules of it in our daily life.

You know, you can subscribe to a gym and take their most expensive package with a feel good factor of transforming your body completely, but this will happen only when you actually go to gym regularly without falling into the trap of procrastination. Similarly a healthy lifestyle can only be adopted and practiced but it should not be limited to discussion forums and new year resolutions.

We actually need to give ourselves time out of our very busy schedule for all round development of our psychophysical energy system resulting in a total healthy life. This should be reflected in our daily work schedules, food and drinking patterns etc.

We just need to remember one thing while planning and thinking about our next fitness campaign- “Our thoughts may guide us to act, but it is only our actions that actually brings result.

Giving it a serious note I am providing below a brief on some of the major alternative therapies available in the market catering to wellness industry. Which can be considered as a part of adopting the overall healthy lifestyle. Below are the most prominently used therapies which are considered to address every thing in totality while enhancing the body immune system:-

1. Ayurveda & Homeopathic:- These are most popular and cost effective method of alternative treatment where medicines (rasayans) are prepared from green plants. Such type of treatment address the root cause of the body symptoms rather than just curing the symptoms only to allow them emerging again at a later time. In short it does not suppress the illness but tries to strengthen the immune system of the body.

2. Naturopathy:- is a very vague term where it can be expanded to include therapies like yogic exercises or accupuncture as well, as it stresses on minimum use of drugs and surgery but mainly dependant on treatments through natural means. It advocates the philosophy of healthy lifestyle, emotional stability and maximum utilisation of natural resources like water therapy, herbs etc.

3. Acupuncture:- This kind of therapy is believed to be originated from China, where needles are inserted on several body parts to cure various diseases of the body. The points where these needles are inserted are said to be the central acupuncture points which are capable to send signals to various body parts and increase its resistance power at grass root level.

4. Yoga Therapy:- The ancient yoga originated from India with Patanjali Yog Sutras also called Ashtang Yoga ( Eight Fold Yoga), which are the only recorded yoga methods in its oldest form. Now after so many centuries in modern age we can see different versions of same yoga methods in different forms with different names. Yoga therapy includes various yogic exercises, asanas (postures), and processes like meditation, Japa, Pranayam (pranic healing) etc.

If one really wants to take advantage of the so called term “Holistic Health”& the associated alternative therapies which approaches the life in totality, One should have firstly belief in such therapies and secondly one should be regular enough in his schedules related these practices. Slightest of the disbelief and a little of procrastination is enough to defeat the purpose of these therapies. Mind is very clever and convinces us very easily that it is not our reluctance to adopt these practices but it is their authenticity itself which is responsible for our failure to transform our life into a healthy life full of vigour and vitality by the help of these practices.

The key to success of these therapies is only our trust into it and into ourselves to be able to stick to them without disbelief for a regular of time.


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