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Healing the Whole Body

Updated on September 4, 2011

Being Healed

Holistic Healing

Natural Holistic Healing helps to optimize or magnify the body's inborn ability to heal itself. It increases the mind body spirit connection. A healthier happier life can be realized in Holistic Healing. A person can take control of their lives, mind, body, and spirit. Using common sense and wellness techniques, and holistic techniques can lead us to this control. The human ability to improve and maintain good health is in each of us. We, as human beings, have this ability to heal ourselves using "the power of positive thinking" approach. Genetic studies by research has shown proof that this approach does work and is effective in maintaining good overall health.The mind body and spirit connection is a complex web of communication. The chemicals in your brain are released so that cells can begin the healing process. The cells divert and steer the energy to help the tissues deal with stress and needs for survival. The factors of the environment and the human mind have a great influence on our health. Stressful mindset and bad habits that tear down the body's health can be greatly effected for the better, in using holistic medicine techniques.

Miracles and definite improvement have been witnessed by hundreds, if not thousands of people. Our emotions can have an effect on the human body in its ability to heal. Positive thinking and doing positive forms of therapy, like arts and crafts, reading positive care books, writing, music, and other holistic methods can be of benefit to our overall health improvement .Holistic healing can be a person's way to be "set free" for our lives and a wonderful new way in which to approach it.

Cortisol is called the stress harmone in the human body. The negative effects of cortisol can be seen in a multitude of illnesses and poor overall health. The adrenal glands produce the cortisol.The pituitary gland is responsible in the body to regulate cortisol and the many positive effects it can also have in the human body, as well. This occurs at normal levels. If there is too much, or an imbalance of the amounts of the chemical, this is when we have our greatest problems. Rise in blood pressure, blood sugar(because insulin is blocked from functioning), fat builds in the abdomen area, and gastric problems may occur. as well as bone formation may be harmfully effected. The body's aging processes are also effected with high levels of cortisol.The body ages faster, memory loss and impaired learning can all be effected by this. The collagen or molecules that make connective tissue, and helps develop nerves, muscles, tendons, and joints, if prevented by high levels of cortisol , has a devastating effect in the human body.The DHEA harmone in the body is also effected by the cortisol levels and this is the harmone that helps in cell repair. Our healing process is directly related.

In holistic healing, the perspective of the whole person is focused upon. Holistic alternative medicine is now being accepted to a greater extent, by professional medical sources, as to its effectiveness in helping heal the body and the healing process is seen to be certainly well enhanced. Instead of seeking traditional methods of treatments, people are more and more seeing the benefits of this new approach.The use of acupuncture, Reiki, herbalism, and group therapy meetings, are being utilized to promote wellness. Alternative medicine is used in conjunction with traditional treatments and by using both methods, whole body wellness can be achieved . Holistic medicine's methods are now, at last being integrated into traditional medicine education and treatments.

Whole medicine systems iinclude: traditional Chinese medicine, Ayareveda, naturopathy, and homeopathy. and are now being used in this form of treatment(Whole medicine approach or holistic alternative medicine). Mind-body methods use the power of the mind to help affect the body's functioning and symptoms. Meditation, Yoga, prayer, hypnotic and other therapy is used such as art and crafts activities, music, dancing, group therapy interaction, all are now being used in the holistic approach. Herbal remedies, natural foods, vitamins, and nutrients are also being seen to be effective. Chiropractic therapy, exercising, swimming,and movement therapy have proven to be very helpful in improving person's stamina and well being. Biofield therapy is growing and this uses the human energy field that surrounds the body in this therapy. Reiki, touch-therapy, acupuncture, prayer and remote healing, are all a form of this Biofield therapy and help to unblock and re-form the field around the body.

Holistic medicine approaches the whole body and is a growing field in helping to heal us all. The more we learn in today's world will someday put all worry behind us and we will find new and more exciting healing techniques and medicines, that help sustain our human race.


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