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Swimming Workouts to Swim fast - A complete Guide....

Updated on December 11, 2013

What is Swimming?

Swimming is the art which requires your patience. Hence in order to be a good swimmer you must have high patience level. It is very much important point in order to be a good swimmer. To learn to be a good swimmer you must keep in mind the proverb "ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY".



Important Points to Swim faster...

The following points must be taken care of to swim faster:

  1. First take care that when you dive into the water you are not splashing the water ie; you are entering the water swiftly. This will reduce the loss of energy and will even help you to move a far distance.
  2. Do stream-length movement as soon as you enter the water. This movement is similar to the movement done while doing the butterfly stoke.
  3. As soon as you come up continue with the kicking and the hand movement.

More helpful points..

These are the important basic points which most of us forget while swimming:

  1. Keep your Palm open. This will help you to pull more amount of water.
  2. Keep your toes Stretched. This will help you to make your legs act like a fin
  3. Keep your Knees erect.

All detailed images.....

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The problems......

What are the reasons due to which you are unable to swim faster?

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All important facts in DETAIL...

#Step 1:

Whenever you dive into the pool see to it that you are standing in correct posture to dive into the pool. This will help you to increase the efficiency of your dive. In order to dive, stand at the corner of the wall, and take grip of the wall with the help of your toes. Now touch the wall with your hand by bending down. Keep your knees erect. And also do not forget to keep your chin touched to your sternum bone, this will help you to resist water entering into your nose.

Now you are ready to enter inside the pool by diving. As soon as you make to dive , first let your head enter inside the pool and then your legs. This is the main basics of dive. When you begin to fall inside the pool, with the help of your toes take push from the wall. Keep your biceps touched to your ears; this will help you to cut the water allowing you to enter inside the pool swiftly. Make sure that while diving you keep your knee straight, this will reduce the splashing of the water. The less you splash the water, the more you will cover the distance of the pool. Now you have entered inside the pool, and its time to go through the next step.

#Step 2:

Now as you have entered inside the pool by diving it is the time to cover as much distance as possible. To do this, use the stroke of butterfly. As you are inside the water do not do the movement of the hand, do only the movement of legs. Or if you are unable to do that make use of the stroke of the breast stroke, this is also a better option but you will not be able to cover much distance. Now as we have completed the second step we shall look forward for the third step.

#Step 3:

As soon as you come up on the surface of the water you must begin to do your hand movement. You must also see to it that you are not beginning your hand movement when you are deep inside the water, this will reduce much of your starting speed. And then begin your leg movements.

While doing your hand movement in free style see to it that you are opening your palm, this will help you to pull more amount of water make you swim faster than before. Stretch you’re hand to maximum; this will help you cover more distance.

While kicking sees to it that you are able to keep your knee straight this will help you to increase your speed much more than before.

#Step 4:

Now as you swim make use of patterns this will help your body to understand your capability and even increase the efficiency of the breathing you do. The pattern consists of three or two or four hand stroke and then one breathing. The best way is to do three hand strokes and one breathing.

You must also take care of the pattern between your hands and legs. This includes four times kicking and one time hand movement. This is much important than anything, because your legs help you to keep your body floating and your hands help you to move ahead.

#Step 5:

Now as soon as you reach the end of the pool make use of dumbbell turn, or also known as flip turn. This will increase the efficiency and cover more distance than others. See to it that you take care of your head from dashing to the ground while trying to do dumbbell turn.


Important videos...

All things or facts in a nutshell:

Swimming requires some amount of care before and after you go to swim. These are the points which most of us forget to take care of. One must take care of the following points in order to maintain the shape of the body even after swimming.

1) Eat at least one to two hours before you go to swim. This will reduce the feeling of vomiting even after you over exert.

2) Try to avoid eatables which require more amount of time for digesting.

3) Keep a maximum of two biscuits in your bag and eat it as soon as you come out of your pool. This will help you to reduce your appetite.

4) Try to avoid eating more food after swimming as this will make you to put on WEIGHT and I don't think you will like this to happen.

5) Avoid over exerting during swimming as this can make you feel unconscious.

*** Important:

1) Do your best while swimming.

2) Never keep yourself away from swimming.


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