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How to Loose Belly Fat 5 Ways

Updated on December 1, 2016

Five Ways to Lose Your Belly For Good

Top Ways to Lose Belly Fat

Tired of trying to squeeze into your jeans? Do you wish that your belly was flatter overall? Do you long for a healthier looking middle area? You are not alone. Many folks wish that they lost weight around their middle section.

Having six pack abs or a flat belly is what most adults only dream of. If you indulge in too many beers, sumptuous dinners, are pregnant or middle aged, you may have a spare tire around your middle section that you want to reduce in size. Whether or not you think this is possible for you to lose belly fat in this day and age, there are new research findings that indicate you can. There is really no secret formula other than eating healthier, exercising and self motivation. However, new studies show that stress plays a big part in belly fat. In other words, losing your weight around your middle may be easier when you practice stress reduction exercises. Why not? This could be great for your overall health in the long run.

It’s true that most folks want a flat, toned stomach. As a matter of fact, women still tend to rely on doing sit ups or crunches in order to get a flat belly. What might surprise you and a lot of women, however, is that sometimes, crunches or doing sit ups may not be the most efficient abdominal exercise in the world. When you do stomach exercises like sit ups, the thing it only the sides and front of your abdomen get a work out. It is important to target all the core muscles to get your entire abs defined including upper thighs, hips and your lower back.

Dieting to Lose Belly Fat

There are a few things you can do that have been tested and proven to reduce belly fat. For starters, reducing food intake a minimum f 2 hours before sleeping is one way you can reduce belly fat. The thing is, most folks are not as active at night as they are during the day. Because of this, the body tends to become slower when sleep comes which prevents the proper digestion of food in the tummy. To put it another way, your body will tend to store the calories you eat in the evening before bedtime as body fat rather than burning this as fuel.

Reducing alcohol consumption if you do consume alcohol is something you might want to do if you are aiming to reduce belly fat. In general, alcohol in wine and beer tends to have higher calories. Plus, alcohol weakens your willpower as it stimulates hunger. This might cause you to eat things that are unhealthy which you feel deprived of. If the thought of completely eliminating alcohol from your diet is something that you are anxious about, reducing your intake is a small step to take. In the same line of thought, reducing carbonated drink and drinking a lot of water will help flush body toxins out and keep your bowels in top notch condition.

Eating less sugar is always a good thing for overall health, but particularly good for those who want a smaller belly in the quickest possible amount of time. When your goal is to lose belly fat, less sugar is important. Apart from the fact that sugar has so many calories, more sugar in your body leads to high levels of insulin. Higher levels of insulin mean that lower glucagen levels are produced. Glucagen is the produced hormone that burns sugar for energy, so less glucagen means less sugar getting burned as fuel, which eventually leads to belly fat storage.

Eating smaller meals more frequently also helps. For most people, eating breakfast, lunch and dinner has been a way of life. However, experts of various diets reveal that eating six tiny meals a day helps in blood sugar regulation and controls craving food. Plus, eating food like vegetables and d fruits in large quantities tends to cause your stomach to stretch, which is not exactly a good thing. Rather, take these in smaller proportions that are spread out throughout the day properly.

Needless to say, eating the right food each day is going to play a big part in terms of maintaining your flat belly for the long run. There are a few specific foods you might want to incorporate in your daily diet aside from the ones mentioned above.

For instance, green tea is a powerful fighter for fat cells that is loaded with antioxidants and tastes great too. This helps in fighting inflammation and disease and you can take up to 2 cups a day for optimal results. Spicy, hot seasoning like cayenne pepper also helps in helping you burn more calories, boost metabolism and makes it easier to maintain a good, balanced weight. Fish and other lean protein such as tofu or chicken breast will help you feel full a long time after eating your meals and boosts your metabolism as well. Greek yogurt which is low in fat helps in overall belly and fat reduction. There is twice the amount of yogurt in Greek yogurt so this helps you fight food cravings and lets you stay full longer. Chia seeds, flaxseeds and walnuts are loaded with fatty acids that are omega 3. Their rich protein and fiber content also helps keeps you full longer. Keep in mind that one or 2 daily servings are sufficient as these are rich in calories.

Balance really is the key to losing weight and you ought to try following the eighty twenty rule. Focus eighty per cent of the time on eating belly friendly, healthy food that fight inflammation and shrink your waistline. The rest of the time, which is twenty per cent, you can go off track just a little bit and begin splurging. You might decide to have a one day ‘cheat’ day where you can splurge or you might go for a twice a week small snack where you don’t make the most healthy choices.

Exercises for Amazing Abs

To get a set of amazing abs, there are a few exercises you can do. As a matter of fact, there is a core series of exercises for stabilization that you can do. For example, muscles get trained when you do plank exercises, which helps stabilize your pelvis and your spine to improve posture and avoid back pain. Compared to crunches, these also burn more energy since more muscles are involved.

One exercise you might want to try is the walking out from a pushing up position. This works since the exercise for abs involves the movement of your entire body, such as using your legs and arms as you incorporate resistance to getting your entire core strengthened. To do this, begin in the position of a traditional ‘push up.’ Place your hands 2 inches further apart than your shoulders. Walk out your hands as far as they can go, and then begin walking your arms backwards. Do this for up to twelve reps. Work up to a higher number eventually.

The exercise called Alligator Dragging also works. Your entire core is used by this abdominal exercise. You burn extra calories as your body remains stable. You add movement as you drag yourself on the mat. This mixes strength training; stability and cardio work out to get you results fast. To do this exercise, find a floor stretch allowing you to move 10 to 20 yards forward. Grab anything that slides over the surfaces with the least amount of friction. Plastic bags or dinner plates will work on a floor that is covered with a carpet. On tile or wood floors, towels will work. With your feet on the plate, towel or slide, begin a regular push up. Walk forward aiming for ten yards to begin with. Rest for ninety seconds and repeat the alligator walking back to where you originally where. That is one set. You need to repeat your sets until you are satisfied with the results. This gives your stomach a fast workout with quick results.

Another exercise you might want to try is the side plank. This works compared to traditional planks since it is much for challenging since your entire body weight is supported on 2 contact points rather than 4. Because of this, you can only stay stabilized if you work your core hard. To do this, lie side wards with your leg stacked and your elbow beneath your shoulder directly. Place your right hand on your right hip or on your left shoulder as you lie on your left side. Lift your hips off the floor as you brace your abs until you are balanced on your feet and forearms in such a way that your physique forms a line diagonally. Hold this for a count of up to forty seconds. If you are unable to hold this pose for that long, stay as long as you can and repeat this until in total you have held this for half a minute. Repeat on your other side. Doing this will be sure to get your abs in great shape sooner than later.

Stress and Cortisol

The fat hanging over your waist is something called a muffin top, also known as belly fat. Just like a beer belly, these are not attractive. You might be under the impression that belly fat is all about just eating right and exercise. What most folks don’t realize is that stress does play a role. That’s right, stress. Excessive fat in the belly has been linked to cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and stress. When you are under some kind of stress, the fight or flight stress hormone called cortisol is released. This is the hormone that makes you feel like you want to get away quickly from a situation. Your body stops producing insulin from the norepinephrine hormones that stress produces as well. Your stomach muscles decrease the flow of blood to your intestines and stomach. Once there is no longer stress in these areas, cortisol tells your body to go back to regular digestion. Throughout the day, your cortisol level will tend to go upwards or downwards. On the other hand when the level of your cortisol goes up chronically due to stress that is incessant, it tends to stay up. With high levels of cortisol it is not easy to lose weight. This is due mainly to the fact that your body resists losing weight. Your body tends to hoard fat that you already have and that you eat since it believes that you are undergoing hard times.

Stress Management

So to lose fat in your midsection or your belly, stress management plays a big part. Taking a yoga class or learning to meditate are some things you can do to help regulate your levels of stress. Learning how to say no when family members or friends ask you to do stuff you don’t have the energy or the time to do is something you can do. Avoiding people who make you feel anxious or stressed and getting enough sleep are other ways you can reduce stress in your life. Do things you really enjoy and find time for fun in your life. There may be other factors that contribute to stress which you may not avoid since these are not under your control but controlling the ones that are under your control are steps you can take.

Make it Last

When it comes to shrinking your middle, there are a lot of steps you can take to begin with. However, making it last for the long term is another story. For example, if you have filled your grocery cart with healthy fare and made sure not to buy another ice cream pint when stress hits, you are on the right track. As you age, maintaining a slimmer middle means to eat smarter. Long lasting results mean a healthy routine that you maintain year after year.

Have you ever tried to get rid of belly fat?By doing excersises just for the stomach?

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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      3 years ago from The Caribbean

      Elle, the exercises are my greatest challenge. The Alligator Dragging sounds doable. Thanks for these suggestions.

    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      3 years ago from USA

      Good tips. Thanks for sharing them. They'll be helpful for folks after all this holiday celebrating has concluded.

    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 

      3 years ago from The Beautiful South

      Looks like some great tips. Thanks for sharing! ^+


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