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Natural Ancient Cures & Remedies

Updated on March 26, 2015

Strong Tradition

If you had visited Romania, or spend some time around Romanians, you would notice that we rely very much on our traditional values, from healing, to cooking, to raising our children. I come from a typical Romanian family in the South-East of the country, where, in our family, we have a strong tradition of healers, which has started started since my great great grandmother.

My grandmother used to tell me stories of her, she was so skilled, that people would come from other villages with all types of problems and form big lines in front of their household. She could fix anything, from diseases and broken bones to "bad luck" and infertility problems.I was lucky to gain all this knowledge and i have decided to share some of it with you.

Remedies for cold and flu

  • boil in water a medium sized onion, for about 5 to 10 minutes, then cover the pot and let it cool down, after it cooled, it's good to drink, it will taste afoul but you don't have to like it, you have to get better
  • "Sodoul" is a remedy for small children which is made of egg mixed with honey and milk : first you mix very well the egg with the honey( or sugar) then, you warm the milk until it reaches boiling point,pour it on top of the mix and stir very well, after two cups the child should be already feeling better
  • and as a last remedy, if the cold still did not pass : grate two potatoes , place them in a pair of socks, half in each sock, then, soak them in alcohol ( we usually use the sanitary one) and put them on before going to sleep, in the morning you will wake up as good as new

Cures for cuts, bruises and swellings

  • if you have a small cut, you can put a bit of coarse salt on it, and wrap it with a slice of bacon( don't eat the bacon ), this will help heal it faster and prevent infection
  • for small bruises you can use either butter or ice, to help them heal faster
  • for more serious swellings like a sprained ankle you can use a cabbage leaf:
  1. first tear apart the leafs from the cabbage until you reach the really juicy ones
  2. then pick one and smash it gently so it doesn't break apart, to release the juices
  3. tie it around the swelling with the smashed side facing the skin and leave it until it dries out, after which you can put a new one, this will bring down the swelling and speed up the healing process

Repellents and Remedies for Insect Bites

  • Lavender, it is a known repellent for insects, place a pot or two strategically in front of your windows to keep the unwanted guests away
  • For a mosquito bite, you can put either ice, vinegar or honey and rub them on , this will numb the skin and speed up the healing process
  • If you have been stung by a bee, no worries, one fast fay to fix it is to take the stinger out and suck out the venom ,which you spit afterwards ( yes, it is safe).Afterwards, to heal the wound faster you can apply the same remedies as for a mosquito bite.

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    • Cynthia Hoover profile image

      Cynthia Hoover 

      3 years ago from Newton, West Virginia

      Thank you so much for sharing these remedies! I love natural alternatives! I too learned a lot from my grandmother. There is much to be said about ancient cures and remedies. I voted up useful, awesome and interesting! I will be following too. I look forward to reading more of your hubs!


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