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Helping The Homeless & Needy In Your Area Without Leaving Your Car.

Updated on October 21, 2016
A typical street sign. However the stories of those on the street are all different.
A typical street sign. However the stories of those on the street are all different.
Typical grocery items you can put in the bag.
Typical grocery items you can put in the bag.
A sample of a grocery bag.  You choose what and how much you put in your bags.
A sample of a grocery bag. You choose what and how much you put in your bags.
A soup line back in the 1930's.
A soup line back in the 1930's.

How To Help Those In Your Community and Town

I have noticed more and more lately that there are more homeless and needy persons on the streets of my city. There seems to be an increase of woman on the streets also. I have no doubt that all or most cities in America are experiencing a growing presence of homeless and needy persons as more Americans are sliding down the economic ladder. This is true for the world as a whole and a issue in all countries.

I know in my own life that due to difficulties I have been experiencing the last few years I feel I am getting closer to being homeless and that feeling makes me identify more with those I see locally and the stories of each of them. I personally believe my faith in God is being tested if that is the right word.

We are seeing more and more homeless and needy persons due to a variety of reasons. These reasons are prolonged unemployment, unemployable persons, mental health issues, low pay, family breakups, drug and alcohol addictions, government policies, and more deeper issues that are present in today's society and which are beyond the scope of this hub.

So how can you and me show love and concern to the homeless and needy when you see them on the streets of your city or town.?

You can help by participating and joining the efforts of others in a program I have named "Project We Care." The other names I considered were Operation We Care and Operation Through The Window.

I named it this because many of us are moved internally when we see those in need in our own neighborhood. We wonder how did it happen to that man or woman who asks us for help and a donation when we are walking in the streets of our city or town or we are driving by their favorite corner or location to ask for help. I am sure each of us at one time or another have asked ourselves if it can happen to us. We wonder and likely think no but I can almost assure that the homeless and needy you see did not think it possible of themselves also. They need help.

The next time you see them do not ignore them. Look them in the eye and smile and ask them how they are? They need a little hope in their daily lives and not isolation and rejection even if it is just a brief moment that your paths may cross. I am sure they do not expect everyone to help them who pass by. They are trying to live day by day.

You can help a little when those occasions happen by what I call "Project We Care."


This program is simple. It began when I noticed needy persons who came up to me at intersections while I was in my car waiting for the traffic light to change. In stead of ignoring them I engaged them a little asked if they need some food. They all said yes. I know they need more. I do not know if this is being done anywhere else by anybody but I do know it is about helping someone right on the spot and making a little difference in our world.

Unfortunately I never had any food or often times money in the car to give them. I asked myself what to do. That is when I came up with the idea to prepare a small plastic or paper grocery bag of non-perishable foods and some personal items and keep it in the back seat of the car.

When I see homeless or needy persons at a traffic intersection and ask them (they usually approach you) if they need some grocery items I simply reach into the back seat and give them a bag. I find it very convenient, the needy person needs it and appreciate its, but you will also find your self feeling good knowing you helped some one in need. You know when you hand it to them you are giving help to someone directly yourself.


1. Non perishable Items: Soup, cereal, quick oats, canned milk, can goods, box foods, snacks, crackers, juices, raisins, canned meat, peanut butter, ready to eat meals, etc.

2. Personal Items: Bar of soap, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, small towel, etc.

3. Cash or Gift Certificates for local restaurant or perishables such as milk etc.

4. Your message of encouragement and hope.

5. Locations of local food banks they can reach out to with contact information.

6. A spiritual message that God does love them.

7. Information on any known jobs, shelters, or assistance they can seek and you know about.

8. Whatever you can or wish to include in your grocery bag.

I encourage and invite all who wish to make a small difference to carry a couple of bags in your car and when those times arise you can make a little difference in someone's life even if it is just for that one day. I ask your support in helping in your neighborhood and community.

You will not likely be called upon everyday but during your travels when we least expect it we will happen upon the homeless person and we can at least make a difference NOW AT THIS TIME. I can assure you it will make difference in their lives and your own. Thank you for reading and hopefully making a little difference in someone's life. Won't you be a part of Project We Care.

I regret that I have to give this caveat. If you believe your safety may be at risk by some person on the street please choose to protect yourself and keep your windows rolled up. There will be additional opportunities to help the homeless and those in need.

Copyrighted 2015. Ronald C. Bachner, Pittsburgh. PA


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