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Website 001 EZ Swimmer - 3 Nevers - Safety for Swim Fitness Water Aerobics

Updated on March 25, 2016

Marketing professionals never want the negatives. However, sometimes it is the negatives that have the power to save lives. So for the sake of safety and possibility preventing just one injury, I feel compelled to state the negatives in three simple and quick reminders - "3 Nevers".

The "3 Nevers" are absolute. Safety sometimes must be stringent.

  1. Never Stand on the innovative swim fitness tool called the EZ Swimmer
  2. Never Hyper Extend Your Neck or Back - Proper Posture Counts
  3. Never Leave Children Alone with Swim Fitness Tools - Safety First Always

Water Aerobics Fitness Tool Safety Measures

1. Never Stand on the EZ Swimmer - Treat All Fitness Tools with Respect

The EZ Swimmer was never designed for feet. We wouldn't think of standing upon a barbell or balance ball, and so too, for the sake of safety, I must state the obvious - no standing. Back story: there are products for the swimming pool which were designed for the feet - don't confuse the two fitness tools - completely different engineering.

Lawn Mower Hedge Trimmer

How Do You Hyper-Extend Your Neck?

A: Hyperetension is when you move your neck beyond its normal range of motion.

photo courtesy of
photo courtesy of

OK, I must admit that I am always picturing in my mind the joke about the lawn mower being used as a hedge trimmer. I find it silly to state but sadly necessary. Check out the funny photo of the riding lawn mower - that is what I think about. Silly but true!

As with all tools, proper use is needed. A swim fitness tool is no different.

Yes, there are some swim fitness tools designed for balance while you are standing - the EZ Swimmer is not that tool - there is simply too much buoyancy.

On land, we see the Bosu which we can stand upon. But the Swiss Ball or the Stability Ball is a fitness tool we would never even consider standing upon unless we were trying out for the circus.

Similar in nature to the Stability Ball, no feet - no standing is allowed.

2. Never Hyper-extend Your Neck or Your Back

Never hyper-extend your neck or your back - this is a rule for all exercises. The human spine is pivotal to our health - protect it with proper form and with building muscle to help keep the spine in proper alignment.

3. Never Leave Children Alone with a Fitness Tool

Never leave children alone in the water or with a fitness tool and yes, this goes for elite athletes of age 15 too!

Always Put Safety First - All Fitness - All Swimming - All Water Aerobics

Whether you are having a family day at the swimming pool, lake or taking a water aerobics class, always put safety first.

Decades ago I chaired the first safety committee and we were trying to provide guidelines for safety. The Fire Chief and the Police Chief were adamant, safety must always come first and when in doubt, there is only one answer, dial 911. This was at a time, when 911 was just beginning! The same rules hold true today.

Know the location of a phone. Keep a cell phone by your swimming pool. Know the location of the safety tools for your swimming pool. They must be in clear view and easily accessible. No exceptions.

image provided by:
image provided by:

My Personal Stories of Swim Safety

My personal life story is probably no different from you but I acutely remember the swimming items because that has been my avocation and vocation through my life. Why so adamant about safety?

I grew up knowing my Mother saved her sister's life in a near fatal swimming accident. I was a big sister to a little boy who specifically requested a female because he lost both his brother and father to a swimming accident. The best man in my wedding lost his elite athlete son to a swimming accident in the very waters I learned to water ski. He and his wife have taken a tragedy and turned it into a positive for scholarships - a link is provided below.

Share Your Story

My stories are not alone. Please feel free to leave your personal stories. Sharing will serve for others to learn. Sharing may save one life, ease the pain of parents, save the sorrow of a sibling.

Water is the Best Place for Exercise and Fun Too!

I love the water and feel it is THE best place in the world for exercise. The most elite athletes are ones who incorporate swimming in their exercise routines. Full immersion swimming is not for the majority of us. Even elite athletes such as my friend's son can be overtaken by the power of the water.

Take the 3 Nevers to Heart - Memorize and Take Action

Take care, take heed, know the 3 Nevers and always, always obey for your safety and the safety of you and your family.

Don't be afraid to speak up. You may save a life someday. You may never know it but knowing the 3 Nevers will always serve you well.

Brian Douglas LaViolette 1977 - 1992

photo courtesy of
photo courtesy of

Brian's Journey Logo

logo of Brian's Journey
logo of Brian's Journey

How the Journey Began...Brian's Story

Brian Douglas LaViolette
1977 - 1992

Through great loss has come inspiration.

Through one family's tragedy has come the chance for others to pursue their highest dreams and aspirations.

Today, Brian LaViolette's positive outlook and spirit live on, embodied in one simple phrase--"The Journey is the Reward."

At just 15 years old, Brian LaViolette was wise beyond his years. He loved his family and friends, made time for soccer, golf and enjoyed playing the trumpet in his high school band. But with the fun came hard work. He excelled in school and set his sights on college.

Life's journey, however, doesn't always work out as planned. Brian's life was claimed in a swimming accident, but his dreams live on; not only in the hearts and souls of today's students, but also through the encouragement of others to truly appreciate every moment of their life's journey.

The Brian LaViolette Scholarship Foundation

"Since 1992, the Brian LaViolette Scholarship Foundation has presented more than 450 scholarships to deserving college-bound students in Northeastern Wisconsin, the United States, and other parts of the world. The Foundation continues Brian's legacy by helping high school seniors financially to achieve their educational dreams.

We invite you to explore this Web site to learn more about the Brian LaViolette Scholarship Foundation and its work in encouraging young people to pursue the values and vocations that promise to make the world a better place to live.

Our Mission

By providing yearly scholarships to today's students, our mission is to honor hard work and community service, to offer inspiration, and share the belief that "The Journey is the Reward."

Our Logo

Our logo has two meanings. It symbolizes adults guiding our youth, which we do through scholarships and inspiration. The three figures holding hands also represent Doug, Renee and Kim. The wave below symbolizes the Bay of Green Bay where Brian drowned."

Share Your Swimming Story

Sadly my swimming stories are not alone. Please feel free to leave your personal stories.

Sharing with the purpose of helping others prevent a drowning.

Share for for others to learn about safety.

Sharing may save one life, ease the pain of parents, save the sorrow of a sibling. Prevent the tears of lost of a loved one.

© 2010 Kelly A Burnett


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