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1 in 5 At Risk of Starvation in 2013

Updated on September 21, 2012
1 in 5. 1 is being burned, one is beginning to see the effects, others begin to worry and those unaware will always get burned too....
1 in 5. 1 is being burned, one is beginning to see the effects, others begin to worry and those unaware will always get burned too....

Educate yourself!!

I find this photo somewhat inspirational, as a metaphor for our current society. If anyone is following the libor scandal at all, we can view this as the average 5 people. on person is burned by the system, causing another persons business to fail. the immediate people being affected by the crisis, and those yet to be.
we are all being burnt, have you begun to feel the heat?

Feel the heat?

which 1 are you??

1 in 5 people worldwide are completely dependent on their assistance system (governmental welfare)

In 2011 China experienced a drought that wiped out 60% of its wheat production.
as of late 2011 China began positioning farmers in Africa leaving them hefty settlements for fertile lands of wheat, corn and soy crops.

In July 2012 we have already seen the price of soy, wheat and corn rise by 25 & 40% respectively over a one month period.

August saw a 15% increase as well.

what does this mean to you the consumer?

Bankruptcy & The Libor Scandal

America can no longer afford to pay its subsidies to farmers, nor can it afford the medicare-medicaid of $63 Trillion dollars promised to the 'baby-boomers' set to hit medical welfare beginning next year.

China has made deals with american farmers to buy their crops and pay them a profit for growing the food, and shipping it internationally back to china.

With over 50% of Americans dependent on food stamps,

This means that within a year the 40% price increases over the last few months could raise steadily higher and reach even an excess of 400% over the next year.

For those unaware of the global financial crisis at hand, this is big!

And that's an understatement!

1 in 5 people have a mortgage, loan or car.

That means that 1 out of every 5 people are being 'burned' by the banks.

this will begin to effect local and large business as those people can no longer afford their usual services, and the burden of the debts will lean onto the next person affected (the employees the business')

But what can we do about these issues abroad?

The wise choice is to vote with your dollars, by supporting local business, and not companies that outsource labor, and funds to foreign or inimical entities.

World Food Crisis


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