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10 Answers To Why Should You Quit Smoking

Updated on October 8, 2012

Way back in college I attended an hour lecture on tobacco. It was unforgettable because before a participant could pass through the entrance door each was given a strip of paper asking whether or not we prefer a partner who smokes. It was some kind of a survey. The answer was just plain yes or no. As expected, as the speaker admitted later on, majority preferred non-smoker. I myself answered no! I also remember during the forum that although there were male student participants who smoke they themselves preferred a partner who doesn't smoke. Why? Because smoking is for men, they say! Huh!

Smoking is not an issue to some but a big issue to many. And although studies have proved the many adverse effects of smoking, still there are so many who just couldn't stop. It's addictive and once addicted to it quitting is like fighting for a cancer with no known cure. But why should you quit smoking?

Here are some answers that might just motivate you to slowly quit it:

1. It saves you money. How much does a pack of cigarette cost? How many packs do you consume everyday? Multiply that and see how much are you spending on cigarettes alone. That same amount could be your savings, too! Is it enough to spend on something healthier? I hope it is!

2. You will sleep better. "Smokers commonly experience difficulty falling asleep due to the stimulating effects of nicotine. As night evolves, withdrawal from nicotine may further contribute to sleep disturbance," said author Naresh M. Punjabi, MD, PhD, FCCP, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore. And I couldn't agree more recalling a few friends who find it difficult to fall asleep every night.

3. It decreases your risk of lung and heart diseases. These are just a few of the many problems caused by smoking. My uncle was a chronic smoker. He died of lung cancer. And although he didn't die early, he suffered a lot while fighting for it. And believe me, he might have enjoyed smoking but watching him suffered in pain, it wasn't worth it at all.

4. It reduces your risks of impotence or infertility. Ovulation problems, increased risk of miscarriage, premature menopause are just a few of the many cited problems a woman smoker could face while slow sperm count and erectile dysfunction are the most common known results of smoking among men.

5. Smoking makes you look older than your age. Smoking speeds up the skin's normal aging process. "The longer you smoke the more skin wrinkling you'll likely to have," answered Lowell Dale, M.D. Experience-wise? I agree, for I have witnessed smokers look like in their 40s when their actual age is only in 30s.

6. It makes you enjoy your food more. It is evident among smokers that they prefer smoking rather than eating. My uncle was like that. He would only drink coffee then smoke. He won't eat and if he does just a few spoons you can't even say that he has eaten.

7. It saves money on breath freshers. Whether it's mint, gum or breath sprays, they do no good not only to your teeth and gums but also to your pocket, wallet, or bank account.

8. Be nagged less. Whether the nag comes from a girlfriend, a wife, a husband, a kid, a parent, or a friend...constant nagging will likely make you angry, if not mad. But you can avoid nagging permanently by 1) having friends who also smoke, 2) not marrying a partner who makes a big deal out of smoking, which will eventually free you from a nagging kid, 3) by marrying a partner who doesn't make an issue out of smoking or a partner who smokes, too, 4) by living away from parents who have problems with smoking, and 5) by quitting smoking for someone else's sake, which is not a good idea. Quit for your own sake!

9. You'll help save trees. One less smoker could mean one less tobacco plant growing in the fields. By not smoking you could help save trees and lands getting converted to tobacco plantations.

10. You'll live longer. Smoking is a habit which is not natural to man. So logically, a man who doesn't smoke gives him an edge in living a healthier and longer life.

Smoking is undoubtedly harmful to health but it is not the only one that contributes to health problems among humans. There are many which are also equally, even more, dangerous than smoking. So if you are concerned about your health or your loved one's health because he or she smokes, you must also be aware of the other factors that are detrimental to health and do the needful. Here is an article that tackles the other issues concerning health that a person who makes smoking a big deal should also consider.

Need to be convinced more? Try one of these!


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    • Astralrose profile image

      Astralrose 5 years ago from India

      Exactly, Anupma! Thanks for this additional input.

    • anupma profile image

      Dr Anupma Srivastava 5 years ago from India

      Very informative hubs. A point can also be added that it is as much harmful for your family as much for you. The green environment also get affected. So for healthy environment and for family sake one must quit from smoking.

      Awesome hub. . .